Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zim Reaches 1,000

Hopefully we see Zimmerman, above, celebrate more after his shot. (Photo:
Last night during a momunmental offensive outburst from the Washington Nationals, Ryan Zimmerman knocked his 1,000th base hit.

Zimmerman also hit a home run to go along with his milestone single. Another National that collected his 1,000th hit this season is Adam LaRoche.

After recieving a cortisone shot in his shoulder earlier this week, the Nationals star third baseman is beginning to swing the bat well. Zimmerman has collected at least one hit in his last three games including two doubles and a home run. He also has an RBI in each of the Nationals last three games. He's also had much better plate discipline as he has only struck out once in that span.

Don't expect to hear it from the Z-Man, but I'm sure that his shoulder was effecting him at the plate. Now that he has taken this shot, his offense has definitly improved. Look for the face of the franchise to turn it around now that he's had the medication.


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