Monday, February 28, 2011

Thanks For Everything Clinton!!

Let's get something straight. The reason for Clinton Portis' recent release from the Washington Redskins had very little to do with his lack of work ethic or production. It had everything to do with health and money.

Clinton Portis was on contract to make $8.3 million next season. Portis only played in 13 games over the past two injury plagued seasons. At that price, it just would not be worth it. The Redskins would be taking to big of a financial hit to risk on a 29 year old (30 year old on Sept 30th) running back.

I think we all can agree that Portis just can not run like he used to. The crafty and fiery running back from the magical 2005 playoff run just is not quite there anymore. Ever since he suffered a concussion against the Atlanta Falcons in 2009 sidelined him for the final 8 games of the season. Enter Mike Shanahan and looked as if Clinton Portis would return as an elite. His body had other plans, however. After suffering a groin and an abdominal injury sidelined him for all but 5 games in 2010, it looked as if maybe his career as a Redskin was grim.

But let's look at the positives, shall we? Clinton Portis gave Washington an incredible 5 years. His comedic style during press conferences were always entertaining. How could we forget "Coach Hanky Spanky" or "Southeast Jerome"? My point is, he may not have always had the best work ethic, but he sure knew how to lighten the mood when needed. In 2005, Portis gave us a playoff run that we will never forget. Who can forget when he scored in the games following Sean Taylors death in 2007 when he pulled up his jersey revealing the Sean Taylor tribute shirt. Let's also not forget his ever so graceful cartwheel in the end zone following one of his signature plunges into the end zone.

Don't expect Portis to be completely done with football yet. I'm sure he will be signed somewhere in the league by this fall (as most former Redskins are these days).

So thank you Clinton Portis for all the you gave the nations capital. You gave us the worst of times and the best of times. You showed us what it's like to have a winning football team on the field. Good luck with the rest of your career. Thank you for all the memories.