Friday, April 9, 2010

Lynch and Marshall on the Trade Block?

That's right! Marshawn Lynch and Brandon Marshall have had their names thrown around in possible trade rumors. Both players have had "off the field issues" with both of their teams. Keep an eye on this. Negotiations will go right up until draft day.

2 More Punch Their Ticket

2 more big time college basketball stars declare for the draft:

From Mississippi:
  • Terrico White (has not hired an agent. basically "testing the waters.")

From Georgia Tech:

  • Freshman: Derrick Favors (projected top 5 pick)

Skipping School

2 more top players from college basketball have entered their names in the NBA Draft:

From Nevada:
  • Junior: Armon Johnson

From Georgia Tech:

  • Freshman: Derrick Favors

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Haynesworth Out in DC?

The Washington Redskins are open to trade away Albert Haynesworth. A few teams are interested in Haynesworth:
  1. Lions
  2. Bucs
  3. Titans
  4. Jaguars

The end of this debacle over to trade or not to trade Haynesworth, is far from over. Do the Redskins really want to eat almost $20 mil in cap hits over him? The asking price for Haynesworth is steep, due to the cap hit. The Redskins, however, have no draft picks in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft. What will they do? This Albert Haynesworth trade talk will continue all the way up until the draft. Until then, "Fat" Albert Haynesworth will be rakin' in the big money. He just got a $21 million dollar bonus last month. Like I said, its a steep price for Haynesworth.

Time to Play With the Big Boys

A few notes on NCAA Basketball regarding the draft:

From Penn State:
  • Junior: Taylor Battle

From Lipscomb:

  • Adnan Hodzic declares but does not hire an agent so he has the opportunity to return to school for another year.

Also, WVU's DaSean Butler had surgery done on his left knee to repair his torn ACL.

Jason Taylor a Jet?

The New York Jets gave Jason Taylor first class treatment for 2 days. They even gave him a helicopter tour of Manhattan! WHAT?! Experts think that Taylor could be using this as a way to get a bigger and better contract offer from the Miami Dolphins. Either way, this has to be a punch in the face to Jets 6th round draft pick Vernon Gohlston. Rex Ryan expected big numbers from him and now this?! To make matters worse, the always annoying Jets fan, "Fireman Ed", was quoted telling the Daily News:
"He's a meat head. It's hilarious," Fireman Ed said. "Let's be real. This guy hates the Jets. He hates Jets fans more than anything. Put it this way: For him to even try to come here, it has to be two things: Nobody is bothering with him or he wants to win a championship. He wants to hop on board."

Why was "Fireman Ed" quoted by the Daily News? Whatever. Thanks Ed! Didn't know you were such an "expert"! Anyhow, this could either be the Jets attempt at persuading Taylor to sign with them, or Taylor's way of getting the Dolphins to offer him a bigger and better contract. But ask Ed, I guess he's the REAL expert.

To The Big Time!

More college basketball stars have declared for the NBA Draft:

From Texas:

  • Freshman: Avery Bradley

From Oklahoma:

  • Sophomore: Willie Warren

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flozell to the Redskins?

Redskins GM, Bruce Allen, told SIRUS Radio that the Redskins have contacted the agent of Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams. While it is not clear the chance of Dallas trading Adams to the Redskins...Washington has expressed interest in him. While Adams could be considered "old", he is still a good player but Washington would be smart to pick either Russel Okung, from Oklahoma St, or Trent Williams, from Oklahoma, in the upcoming draft. Again, the likelihood of the trade is uncertain, but, the Redskins have contacted Flozell Adams' agent.

Off To The NBA

Many more players of note have declared for the NBA Draft:

From Kentucky:
  • Freshmen: Eric Bledsoe, DeMarcus Cousins, Daniel Orton, and John Wall
  • Junior: Patrick Patterson

From Ohio State:

  • Junior: Evan Turner

From Kansas:

  • Freshman: Xavier Henry

From Xavier:

  • Sophomore: Jordan Crawford (has not hired an agent and could still return for one more year)

One more NCAA basketball note: Boston College has now hired their new head basketball coach...Steve Donahue...former head coach for Cornell.

The First To Go...

Cincinnati freshman basketball player Lance Stephenson, plans to enter the NBA Draft. The Big East Rookie of the Year plans to hire an agent which will cause him to lose his NCAA eligibility.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So Long Jason...maybe

Jason Campbell is now expendable. The Redskins are currently pursuing a trade with any team that wants him, basically. The teams that appear to be at the front of the line are:
  1. Bills
  2. Raiders
  3. Jaguars
  4. Panthers
  5. a mystery team

The trade will most likely include a draft going to the Redskins. Many "experts" think that it will be either a 3rd or a 4th round draft pick. Either way, with the Redskins trading away the 37th pick, they need to acquire another pick of some sorts.

I am a firm believer in the ability and potential of Jason Campbell. Any team that is willing to take him is getting a high quality player. All it takes is a little bit of patience, and lets face it...Dan Snyder as none, and Campbell will explode onto the NFL scene. Campbell has yet to sign his restricted free agent tender. Until a deal gets done, either with a trade or Campbell signs the tender, Jason Campbell will not be attending off season workouts with the Washington Redskins. Mike Shanahan and company will be pursuing the trade all the way up until draft day.

Purnell a Demon?

Oliver Purnell, former head basketball coach for the Clemson Tigers, is now the head coach for the Depaul Blue Demons. He signed a 7 year contract worth much more than the $1.6 million he was making with Clemson.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Matt Howard Is A Go

The center for the Butler Bulldogs, troubled by a concussion, has been cleared to play in tonights National Championship vs Duke, says team doctors.

Bulger out in St Louis?

Thats right! Marc Bulger has now been officially released from the Rams. What deos this mean when it comes to the draft? Look for the Rams to definitly draft a quarterback. Most likely Sam Bradford of Oklahoma. Whats next for Bulger? Who knows...the Raiders?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

McNabb a Redskin?

Donovan McNabb is a Washington Redskin. This trade works out well for both teams. The Redskins get a quarterback that Mike Shanahan can work with and the Eagles get the draft pick that they have always wanted. The Redskins traded away the 37th pick and possibly a 3rd or 4th round pick for this marquee QB. Kevin Kolb finally takes control of the Eagles offense. With this trade, the Redskins are sure not to make another bone-headed pick with the 4th pick in Aprils draft. We can now expect them to select:

  1. Russel Okung, offensive tackle from Oklahoma St.
  2. Anthony Davis, offensive tackle from Rutgers
  3. Bryan Bulaga, offensive tackle from Iowa
  4. Trent Williams, offensive tackle from Oklahoma

Why an offensive tackle? To protect the quarterbacks blind side. Whether its McNabb, Campbell, Grossman, or even Colt Brennan, you need to protect the quarterback in order for them to be productive.

What do the Eagles get out of this mess? They now have 11 picks in this years draft. 11! Teams only have 11 players on offense and defense respectively! They hand over the reins to their offense to a young and promising hot shot named Kevin Kolb and they have the ability to draft lineman and weapons for Kolb to throw to. The downside for the Eagles? They traded their gunslinger away to a division foe. They will see McNabb twice a season. They have since made their opponent better. Not a smart move for the Eagles.

McNabb will also be able to mentor the younger quarterbacks on the Redskins. Colt Brennan could very well become the next Aaron Rodgers. That all depends, however, on Donovan McNabbs attitude toward the situation and how Mike Shanahan and company receive him. For the time being, be proud Redskins fans and be cautious Eagles fans, both your teams have made a move that will greatly benefit one, but could greatly hurt the other.

Cinderella vs Goliath

Butler vs Duke. Cinderella vs Goliath. A movie writer could not have scripted it any better. The Butler Bulldogs take on the Duke Blue Devils six miles from the campus of Butler. The National Championship basketball game is played in Butlers' backyard!! They are the modern day Milan High School basketball team portrayed in the true story Hoosiers. Coincidence that the movie Hoosiers was filmed in Butlers gym? I do not think that there is any doubt who the crowd will be rooting for. Duke is obviously going to be out numbered in the fan vote. It's all been setup for the Bulldogs to take down Duke and write its' own Hoosier-like story. What do I predict? After watching Duke take down West Virginia the way that they did, they obviously look like the favorite, even if some 29,000 people are against them. The experience that Duke has, not only of their players, but of their coach. Coach K has been here before and he knows how to handle it. The youth of Butler has proven to be better than everybody expected. Its tough to go against such a Cinderella story. I will be rooting for Butler with all my heart. But in the end, I think the Duke Blue Devils will be the ones that come out on top. This game will not be one to stay up for. I can not remember the last NCAA Basketball Championship that was fun to watch. UNC blew out Mich St last year and Florida the years before. I don't think the trend will change. Sorry, but Cinderellas' glass shoe gets stomped on by the Duke Blue Devils. Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Butler Bulldogs

52-50. Butler over Michigan State. Bulldogs over The Spartans. Welcome home Butler. The Bulldogs continue their run to the NCAA D1 College Basketball Championship by squeaking by the Michigan State Spartans 52-50. The outcome of the game was never predictable. It was a back and forth contest that was led most of the first and opening minutes of the second half by the Spartans. But, the hometown heroes took the lead with just over 10 minutes left in the game and held on. Both teams scored a total of 17 points collectively in the final 10 minutes. The free throw shooting of Butler proved to be a deciding factor with senior guard Ronald Nored hitting 2 key freebies with 6 seconds left to put the Bulldogs up by 3. Whats next for Butler? Either the West Virginia Mountaineers or the Duke Blue Devils. Both teams would be worthy opponents for the Bulldogs, but the game WVU and Duke should be fun to watch.

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