Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jason Taylor a Jet?

The New York Jets gave Jason Taylor first class treatment for 2 days. They even gave him a helicopter tour of Manhattan! WHAT?! Experts think that Taylor could be using this as a way to get a bigger and better contract offer from the Miami Dolphins. Either way, this has to be a punch in the face to Jets 6th round draft pick Vernon Gohlston. Rex Ryan expected big numbers from him and now this?! To make matters worse, the always annoying Jets fan, "Fireman Ed", was quoted telling the Daily News:
"He's a meat head. It's hilarious," Fireman Ed said. "Let's be real. This guy hates the Jets. He hates Jets fans more than anything. Put it this way: For him to even try to come here, it has to be two things: Nobody is bothering with him or he wants to win a championship. He wants to hop on board."

Why was "Fireman Ed" quoted by the Daily News? Whatever. Thanks Ed! Didn't know you were such an "expert"! Anyhow, this could either be the Jets attempt at persuading Taylor to sign with them, or Taylor's way of getting the Dolphins to offer him a bigger and better contract. But ask Ed, I guess he's the REAL expert.