Saturday, March 31, 2012

NFL Draft Breakdown: Quarterbacks


As the April NFL draft approaches, this is the time of year when sports writers and bloggers alike provide their insight and analysis on nearly each and every player entering the draft. While I am not going to be breaking down every single player in the draft, I will be highlighting a few players from each position worth noting.

Today, we will first look at the quarterbacks. Once we get outside of the first round, there really isn't much depth at that position.

Andrew Luck (Stanford)
The 2011 Heisman finalist had quite the senior year for the Cardinal. He had a completion percentage of 71 percent and threw for just over 3,500 yards. He totaled 37 touchdowns to just 10 interceptions.

When looking at him on film, the first thing that I notice is his eye level. Many college quarterbacks have a habit of taking their eyes away from whats down field when the pocket breaks down. Luck always keeps his eyes down field when the pressure is on. He has excellent mobility and shows great speed in the open field. He's got an absolute cannon for an arm and rarely misses on the throw. His ability to throw on the run is incredible, as well. Luck is an all-around great quarterback.

One thing that I would like to see him improve on is decision making. While it may be nearly flawless, Luck has thrown into double and triple coverage before and that will be an interception every time in the NFL.

Robert Griffin III (Baylor)
The 2011 Heisman winner had an incredible junior year for the Bears. Griffin finished the season with 4,293 yards passing with 37 touchdowns and just six interceptions.

When looking at him on film, it is quite obvious that he may be the number one rated "athlete" in the NFL Draft this year. He is mobile, agile, and knows when the pocket is breaking down. An underrated skill that he possesses is being able to sell the play action fake. A number of times he has frozen the linebackers and safeties and then threw it over the top for a big play.

Something that I would like to see RG3 improve on is knowing when to run and when to pass. If he goes to the Redskins, he will have to become a pass first quarterback. That means, when the pocket breaks down he can't just take off running.

Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M)
Last season, Ryan Tannehill totaled just over 3,700 yards passing for the Aggies. He threw 29 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. He also rushed for four touchdowns.

Before watching tape on Tannehill, I was a little skeptical as to why experts held him in such high regard. After watching film, I understand why. In terms of being a pure quarterback, Tannehill is second only to Andrew Luck in this years draft. Tannehill can throw on the run and will buy time with his feet. He gives is receivers a lot of time to get open before he decides to scramble for yards. He has an eye for the open receiver, as well.

One thing I hope that Tannehill improves on is his ball security. He threw 15 interceptions this past season. Better decision making is something that he should focus on in the fall.

Luck, Griffin III, and Tannehill are easily the best three quarterbacks in this years draft. While I think that Andrew Luck will go first overall to the Colts, the Redskins have quite the decision at number two. Both quarterbacks will be productive, but, I think that RG3 is more versatile and will allow the Shanahans to get creative. Tannehill will either go to the Browns, Jaguars, or Dolphins.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tim Tebow

What does Tim Tebow, Joe Webb, Charlie Whitehurst, and Richard Bartel all have in common? They are all back-up quarterbacks. Nothing more, nothing less.

There's only one thing that separates Tim Tebow from the rest, all of them could, and should, start over him.

Let's face it; Tim Tebow is not a starting quarterback. I'm tired of the "but he is so good in the fourth quarter" crap. There's three other quarters. Where is he then? In my opinion, the Broncos playoff run (I guess that's what you call that) should be credited to the defense. I mean come on; they made it so the offense only had to make 10-14 points in the fourth quarter. That's manageable for ANY quarterback.

As a quarterback, Tim Tebow is...dare I say it...God awful!! His throwing motion is slow as molasses. He deosn't always make the right read. If his first or second option isn't there, he panics and runs like his hair is on fire. When he does finally let it fly, his throws are high, low, wide left, and wide right. Hey Timmy, you see those numbers on their chest? Throw it at that.

My point is there was only one thing that he could do: run. I will be honest with you; Tebow was quite good at running the football. That's pretty much the only time he was productive was when he was running the football.

Let's look at something else: his worth. You heard me! His worth, price tag, the cash that the Jet's had to throw down! To the Jets, Tebow is worth $9.75 million over the next five years (according to

What about the Broncos? They just signed Peyton Manning to a long term deal. How much was Payton Manning worth to them?

This actually cracks me up! They practically gave him away! John Elway just sat there and told the Jets to name their price! The Jets offered the Broncos a fourth and a fifth round draft pick for Tebow. But, that wasn't all. Along with Tebow, the Broncos had to give up a seventh round draft pick.

What did they draft him with? The 23rd overall pick? Yeah that's right. His stock dropped at least four rounds over the course of his career with the Broncos.

I am tired of this circus that the media is putting on for Tim Tebow. A press conference? Really? To introduce the BACK-UP quarterback? What about Caleb Haine? The Broncos just signed him to be the back-up. Who dropped the ball on the press conference?

The Jets are open about what they are going to be doing with Tebow. He is going to be the wild-cat package quarterback. Which means he is going to run. Stopping that offense with Tim Tebow at the helm is college level coaching. I'm Bill Belichick did not lose one minute of sleep ("What? Tim Tebow to the Jets? Eh...send a linebacker or two.")

The Tim Tebow circus now rolls into the Big Apple. The fans and the media there are relentless. If he makes one mistake he will sure know about it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

BSN Recap: Martino Montague

While attending the Beyond Sports Network NFL Scouting Combine in Akron, Ohio, I found myself watching many players from small schools get their chance to make it to the pros. A number of the players participating in the showcase weekend were from NCAA Division III schools.

One of those players, Martino Montague, was gracious enough to sit down with The Skinny On Sports and talk about his experience.

Montague played linebacker at Bridgewater College in Virginia.

Q: You are coming from a small school, what does it mean to you to be able to have gotten this opportunity?

A: "It means the world to me to be invited and be able to perform in front of scouts and with/against other top players that are coming from smalls looking for opportunity at the next level of play. I am just thankful for the opportunity to be in this position and have had  time on the field in front of potential teams and coaches, something like this can be taken away so easily, I am just blessed to have receive this opportunity, but working and praying for many more to come." 

Q: How do you feel about your performance at the combine?

A: "I feel confident about my performance. Got to take good reps at the strong safety position, which was different from the 4-2-5 will linebacker I played in college, but at the next level the size that I am and the athletic ability that I am, I am a strong safety."

Q: Will you be attending any other scouting events? (Pro Days, Combines, Showcase Games, etc.)

A: "On the 25th of March I am looking to go to the workout in Richmond for the Calgary Stampeders, I look forward and I am excited to challenge myself to only improve and impress the coaching staff of the team/organization."

Montague ran a 4.87 40-yard dash at the combine and put up 18 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press. He got a number of reps in the showcase game and performed well at the safety position.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Redskins Resign Grossman

Today, CSN Washington reported that the Washington Redskins have resigned quarterback Rex Grossman. As of right now, the dollar value of the contract is unknown, but, it is a 1-year deal.

Resigning Grossman to this deal is a good move in my opinion. This allows the Redskins to retain a quarterback that successfully, at times, ran the offense. Grossman may be able to teach whoever the Redskins draft with the second pick the offense.

Most likely, the Redskins will pick quarterback Robert Griffin III. In all honesty, I would not expect him to start from day one. The offense that Kyle Shanahan runs is very complicated and takes some time to grasp (just ask Rex...). That being said, Grossman will suffice until Griffin figures everything out.

We've known all along that Grossman is a solid back-up quarterback. Maybe this season he won't guarantee anything.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Redskins Boost Secondary

The past 24 hours have been one where the Redskins really focused on improving their secondary. The additions of safety Brandon Meriweather and cornerback Cedric Griffin should help.

Meriweather joins the Redskins following stints with the Patriots and Bears. He signed a 2-year contract worth $6 million.

Today, as reported by Josina Anderson, the Redskins signed Cedric Griffin, formerly of the Vikings, to a 1-year deal worth $2.5 million.

Meriweather, a first round pick in 2007 of the Patriots, is expected to fill the void that will more than likely be left by LaRon Landry at safety. In his first four seasons with the Patriots, he never missed a game and had 263 tackles with 12 interceptions.

Many question his maturity as he has shown a bit of an attitude problem in the past.

Griffin, a second round pick in 2006 of the Vikings, could play either safety or cornerback. He has been a reliable player for the Vikings by playing in every game of the season except in 2006 and 2010. He has accumulated 379 tackles with 8 interceptions.

After losing OJ Atogwe and since they will most likely be losing LaRon Landry, these are two good signings by the Redskins. I would, however, like to see them sign a couple of offensive linemen in the near future.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nats Cut Four

Today, the Washington Nationals made second cuts. Four players were either sent to the minor leagues or to minor league camp.

Right handed pitcher Yunesky Maya was optioned for AAA Syracuse. Maya appeared in 10 games for the Nationals last season and posted a 1-1 record with a 5.23 era. Maya has gotten considerably worse since the Nats signed him two years ago. Many experts expect him to be at the backend of the rotation in Syracuse.

Outfielder Eury Perez was sent down to AA Harrisburg. In eight appearances this spring, he is 6-18 with four runs scored. He is expected to be the starter in Harrisburg and will likely be back to the majors within the next two years. Perez is one of the players the Nationals think can fill the void at centerfield.

The Nationals designated pitchers Jeff Fulchino and Waldis Jaoquin for minor league camp.

Both pitchers were not expected to make the opening day roster. However, they both pitched well in relief efforts. Fulchino pitched four scoreless innings and Jaoquin tossed three innings and gave up just one run with three strikeouts.

After designating these four players, there are 39 healthy players left on the Spring Training roster.

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Should the Redskins Resign Fletcher?

London Fletcher, 59, has been a key part of the Redskins defense and team. (Photo:

The Redskins are currently on the verge of losing the cornerstone of the defense and the team.

For those that may not know, and this has been kept pretty low key, Redskins middle linebacker London Fletcher is currently a free agent. The team has yet to resign him and we have yet to hear of the two sides reaching a deal anytime soon.
The figures of the deal and the difference between them is also unknown at this point.

However, the Redskins and Fletcher have been adamant in saying that they want to stay together. Why not? Fletcher has been the leader of this team since he came to Washington in 2007.

In February, however, Fletcher did state that he is willing to leave the Redskins if the two sides cannot reach an agreement.

He has started 80 of 80 possible games for Redskins since 2007. Fletcher has led the team in tackles each season compiling a total of 705 through the past five seasons. This past season was the best of his career in terms of tackles with 166.
One thing that might stop the Redskins from resigning Fletcher is his age.

At 37 years old, he's been in the league for 14 years. At his position, that is a long time. He has played in every game of every season for all 14 seasons, as well. He's got some mileage on him and that is not a plus factor.

One other factor will likely be his price tag. For a guy that may only be around for 2-3 more seasons, the price to sign him is going to be awfully high. If the Redskins claim to be in a rebuilding mode, they can't be throwing money around with free agent veterans that are at the end of their careers (*cough cough* Peyton Manning...).

While having Fletcher on the field is a huge asset to the defense, in the long run it may be best to part ways with the toughest player in the NFL. Like all good things, it must come to an end at some point. This may be that point for the Redskins and London Fletcher.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Against All Odds

Let me ask you a few questions. Do you think attending college while having a child of your own is hard? How about attending college with a child and having no place to stay?

How about attending college while being a single parent and having no place to stay and oh yeah your a key player on the football team, you achieved your degree in political science, and you finished college with a 3.25 GPA? Do you think that is difficult?

Many of you may say that that is virtually impossible. Well, like Kevin Garnett taught us..."ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!"

Meet Jordan McGowan. He is a graduate of Humboldt State and has his degree in political science. Yes, he does have a child, a son to be exact, and yes, he has a cumulative grade point average of 3.25. But, let's not forget he was the star cornerback on the football team.

After spending two years at Santa Rosa Junior College, McGowan made the transfer to Humboldt State in California.

The only issue he foresaw was where he was going to live. The problem, his first option, family housing, was not available to him. Fortunately, during the season his teammates took care of him.

"I ended up staying on the couch the entire fall semester during the season, my teammates charged me but it was kind of expensive for me, especially since I was spending so much of my scholarship money on gas to see my son, but it was the best I had," said McGowan.

After the season, however, McGowan was once again homeless. Not to worry, however, he had a plan in mind.

"I thought about staying in the lockerroom & after a few nights of not getting caught by any staff I ended up staying in the lockerroom for the rest of the semester," said McGowan.

Even with this unusual circumstance, McGowan was still able to focus on his academics. McGowan graduated from Humboldt State University in just 7 semesters and was even named to the GNAC All-Academic All-Conference Team.

Since then, McGowan has found a place stay in an apartment complex with a good friend of his from Santa Rosa Junior College.

This past weekend McGowan was invited the BSN National Scouting Combine in Akron, Ohio. Many scouts talked about how he is a bit undersized, but, what he lacks in size he makes up for in power.

"I pride myself in my tackling, it was something stressed to me by several coaches throughout my life so it is important to me," said McGowan.

McGowan has received his degree in political science and plans to go to law school someday to become a lawyer or an agent. He also wants to get his personal trainers certificate so he can someday train athletes if football doesn't workout.

"I really would like to make a positive impact on young people's lives. I have expressed interest to several schools about coaching possibilities as well," said McGowan.

Jordan McGowan has a great attitude on life that is contagious. One things for sure, whichever team picks up McGowan is not only getting a quality athlete, but, getting a person of high quality.

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Redskins Sign Receivers

Yesterday marked the first day of free agency and the Redskins certainly were busy bringing in fresh talent.

Right off the bat, the Redskins signed wide receiver Pierre Garçon of the Indianapolis Colts. The deal is for 5 years and $42 million. He is guaranteed $20.5 million and has the option to buy back his contract after two years.

The Redskins later signed wide receiver Josh Morgan of the San Francisco 49ers. The deal is for 2 years and is worth $12 million with $7.3 million guaranteed. Morgan received a $5.5 million signing bonus.

The Redskins also signed defensive end Adam Carriker to a 4 year deal worth $20 million and $3.7 million guaranteed.

Another would-be signee for the Redskins is Eddie Royal. Reports surfaced in the early evening of the Redskins signing the local boy, but, were then made untrue. More reports surfaced saying that at least 5 teams were still trying to sign Royal. At around midnight last night, Dan Hellie tweeted that Royal and Redskins ownership had dinner together at Mortons.

The three players that the Redskins did sign are quality players that will benefit the team. Seeing as how they will most likely draft Robert Griffin III, they went out and signed him two, possibly three, young wide receivers.

Retaining Adam Carriker is a good move for the defense. Carriker took a majority of the snaps last season and did quite well. He's got experience that will certainly be beneficial for years to come.

The only thing that worries me is the price of Pierre Garçon. Garçon has had a history of drops and many think that he is not worthy of such a high price tag. Personally, I think the Redskins overpaid.

This morning reports surfaced that pro-bowl safety Brandon Meriweather is visiting with the Redskins today. A report from a Denver TV news station stated that Eddie Royal signed with Washington last night, as well. Keep an eye on The Skinny for updates as the day goes on.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Than Just a Game

The drive from Albert Lee, Minnesota to South Dakota University: 3 hours. The distance between South Dakota University and Akron, Ohio: 15 hours. The chance to be in the BSN National Scouting Combine with three of your best friends: timeless.

This is the story of four South Dakota University football players who got their chance to play in front of numerous NFL, CFL, AFL, and UFL scouts. The only problem? Getting there.

Offensive tackle R.J. Polley was in Albert Lea, Minnesota preparing for the combine that took place from March 9th to the 11th on the campus of The University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. He and three teammates, Dante Warren, Marquis Butler, and Jeremy Blount, were all invited to the event.

There was just one problem, however. Butler, and Blount did not have a way to get to the combine. That is, until the offensive lineman came calling...

"He had left a couple days earlier and he asked us if we had a ride to his house. We said no. Were trying to find cars from people we know to borrow for the weekend and he [Polley] said 'Just ask me and I'll come pick you guys up,'" said wide receiver Jeremy Blount.

That is exactly what R.J. Polley did. He made the three hour drive from Albert Lee, Minnesota to pick up Butler and Blount. He then brought them all the way back to his house where they would depart shortly thereafter for the combine in Akron, Ohio.

"Well, two guys on my team were at school and didn't have a ride so I went back and got them," said R.J. Polley. When asked about what it is like to be featured in the combine, he answered simply with "It's a dream come true."

The fourth part of the fantastic four from South Dakota was quarterback Dante Warren. Warren was training at his own facility and was able to make it out to the combine on his own. Blount and Butler did not have the benefit of their own training facility, but, they had the next best thing.

"The brilliant iPhone. He kept sending us videos and showing us how to run the drills because we were basically working out by ourselves. He was just giving us tips," said Blount.

"They know what they're doing. I was trying to give them tips to speed up their times and help them out," said Dante Warren.

"It's a big advantage to have. Me and Jeremy were working out by ourselves so just the little things that his trainers told him that he told us gives us the advantage to do better," said Butler.

The drive and iPhone messaging certainly paid off for the fantastic four from South Dakota University. Jeremy Blount ran the fastest 40 yard dash of the combine with a time of 4.25 seconds.

Marquis Butler had one off the longest broad jumps of the weekend with a measure of 10' 7 1/2".

R.J. Polley put up and impressive 21 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press, but did not participate in the showcase game due to an illness.

Dante Warren was one of the most impressive players at the combine. He showed exceptional ability in the showcase game.

The story of these four South Dakota University football players is one of family, sportsmanship, and brotherhood. This just goes to show that football really is more than just a game.

Nats Make First Cuts

Yesterday the Washington Nationals made first cuts to their Spring Training roster.

The most notable players that have been optioned are 2011 draft picks Anthony Rendon and Matt Purke. They both have been optioned to high-Class A Potomac. Infielder Carlos Rivera was assigned to Class AAA Syracuse. Infielder Jason Hoffpauir, catcher Sandy Leon, outfielders Corey Brown and Xavier Paul, and pitchers Rafael Martin and Austin Bibens-Dirkx have all been assigned to minor league camp.

After making the cuts, the Nationals Spring Training roster is down to 45. Chris Marrero and Cole Kimball will open the season on the disabled list. The team has to be down to 25 players on the eligible to play list and can have up to 15 on 7-15 day disabled list.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Redskins Release Sellers, Atogwe

Mike Sellers, 45, was a staple of the Redskins offense. (Photo:
CSN Washington reported today that the Washington Redskins have released full back Mike Sellers and safety OJ Atogwe.

Just hours after the NFL handed down a crippling financial sanction to the Redskins, the team released the long time full back and short term safety.

Mike Sellers had been with Washington for 11 of his 12 years in the NFL. Sellers was a go-to lead blocker for the Redskins ever since he joined the team in 1998 and again in 2004. Last season, he appeared in just 12 games and had one reception.

OJ Atogwe was also released today. He joined the Redskins this past season as a free agent from St. Louis. He was expected to be the missing link at the safety spot to play opposite of LaRon Landry. Atogwe appeared in 13 games and totaled 60 tackles with 3 interceptions.

The move saves the Redskins $3.4 million in cap space. While that may not seem like much, the Redskins need every little bit to try to recover from this sanction. They do have the option to split the sanction between this year and next year.

Redskins Face Cap Penalty

To be specific, this is not being called a "violation". This is more of a..."to be fair" moment.

Today it was reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter that the Washington Redskins will be docked $36 million in cap space due to what is being called "front loading" of capped space during the uncapped year. The Redskins will be allowed to split it between 2012 and 2013.

In 2010, the team readjusted the contracts of DeAngelo Hall and Albert Haynesworth to charge the amounts of $15 and $20 million to the uncapped year instead of future years. In doing so, the Redskins eventually saved themselves $36 million in cap space. (According to Rich Tandler)

Tandler makes sense. Those two moves happened during the uncapped season and allowed the Redskins to save a ton of money. Both contracts also add up to the $36 million cap hit.

This was all done even after the Redskins were warned by the league that they could face penalties further down the road.

The Dallas Cowboys were also docked $10 million for similar moves made during the uncapped season. The money taken from the two organizations will now be split between the 30 other NFL franchises.

The Redskins are coming into this free agency $35 million under the salary cap limit. They have the option to split the penalty between 2012 and 2013. They have not yet made known how they will split the penalty. Free agency starts tomorrow at 4 PM.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

BSN NFL Scouting Combine Recap

This past weekend, March 9th-11th, Beyond Sports Network held their NFL Scouting Combine. Top players from Division 1-AA, II, and III were all invited to participate and perform in front scouts from the Canadian Football League (CFL), Arena Football League (AFL), United Football League (UFL), and even the National Football League (NFL).

A number of athletes were invited to participate in the combine on Saturday and showcase game on Sunday. Players came from all across the U.S. from places such as Alabama and California.

The player that looked the most prepared for the "next level" was quarterback Dante Warren. Warren, a product of South Dakota University, showed great ability in the showcase game. He completed numerous passes and was solid when the pocket broke down. What impressed me the most about him was his ability to get creative. He was very aware of his surroundings and had great footwork in the pocket. He also showcased his speed and agility at the combing by running a 4.47 forty yard dash and an L-Drill that clocked in at 6.78 on the stopwatch.

The award for the heaviest hitter goes to Humboldt States own cornerback Jordan McGowan. McGowan was not the biggest of the group, but what he lacked in size he made up for in power. Multiple times he went head hunting over the middle and found his target. He immediately separated the receiver from the ball with an earth shaking blow.

The deadliest player at the combine was also the quietest. Running back Tommy Addison from Shepherd University in West Virginia had a silently solid weekend. While he placed second behind Frank Wolf III in most of the events at the combine, he showed why he was the top running back in the showcase game.

Addison ran a 4.47 forty yard dash. He got second among the running backs with 15 repetitions of 225 pounds on the bench press. "Touchdown Tommy", as he is referred to at Shepherd University, ran a 4.19 in the shuttle run to place second overall in the running backs group.

He then showcased his abilities in the game to solidify himself as the events top running back. While Frank Wolf III looked good in the combine, Addison showed off what matters most: game abilities. His vision was excellent and he stuck behind his lineman till the very end to maximize their capabilities and get the most out of a run.

All in all, the whole weekend was, in my opinion, a huge success. The quality of the combine rivals that of the official NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana. They had all the necessary tests: bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, L-Drill, 5-10-5 shuttle run, and 40 yard dash.

The part about this weekend that I loved the most was the showcase game. The fact that they had a combine and showcase game all wrapped up into one weekend is a scouts dream. Not only do they get to see how they act at a combine, they also get to see how they are during a game. There are a lot of players that standout in drills and fall flat on the game field.

The Beyond Sports Network NFL Scouting Combine may be young, but, it is one of the up and coming events that professional football prospects will itching to be invited to.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Nats, Astros To Trade?

Jason Bourgeois could be playing centerfield for the Nats come April 5th. (Photo:
The quest for the next Washington Nationals centerfielder may have come to an end. reported yesterday that the Washington Nationals have expressed interest in acquiring Astros centerfielder Jason Bourgeois.

The Nationals have played the Astros three times this spring so General Manager Mike Rizzo has gotten a chance to see Bourgeois in action and talk to Astros management about a deal.

Bourgeois, 30, could be the answer that the Nationals are looking for at centerfield. Last season he had 34 appearances at centerfield and made 63 putouts in 63 attempts. While playing in the outfield last season, he made 116 putouts in 118 attempts with one error.

He would also be an upgrade at the leadoff position. Bourgeois is coming off of his best season in the majors, thus far. In 238 at bats, the most of his 4 year career, he batted .294 with an on base percentage of .323. At one point during the season last year, the Nationals leadoff hitters were hitting just .194 with an on base percentage of .250.

Interestingly enough, this report comes not long after Bill Ladson reported that Nats pitcher John Lannan is on the trade block. While Ladson said that Rizzo is looking for prospects, Bourgeois may be in a deal to send Lannan to the Astros in return for Bourgeois and prospects.

Redskins TE Situation

Chris Cooley's knee could be somewhat of a concern for the Redskins in 2012. (Photo:
As I look at the Redskins roster I can't help but laugh at the mess that is the tight end position. Of the top two tight ends on the roster, one has a bad knee, Chris Cooley, and one has a drug problem, Fred's okay to laugh!

Over the past three seasons, Chris Cooley has missed 20 games. In 2010, he played in all 16 games and had 77 receptions for 849 yards and 3 touchdowns. In 2011, he played in five games and had 8 receptions for 65 yards.

Cooley is only 29, so he has some years left in him, but, how many years does his knee have? According to, Cooley is scheduled to make $3.8 million in 2012. If his knee is above 100 percent (I know...that's not possible), the Redskins may want to put that towards his medicals bills.

For me, he's got one season left. If he can prove that his knee is 100 percent, I'm sold. If not, either take a pay-cut or take a hike!

Fred Davis is a different case. Before he had his little..."mishap"...he was playing quite well for the Redskins. Prior to be suspended for the remainder of the season, Davis was well on his way to being the teams leading receiver with 59 receptions for 796 yards and 3 touchdowns.

The Redskins have already franchise tagged Davis so he will be around for at least one more season.

While the tight end position is not the biggest need for the Redskins, they do have some options if they want to address it.

A couple of free agents that pop out to me are Bo Scaife and Leonard Pope. Both are proven players that are not at the end of their career. They can be signed for minimum cash and that also makes them releasable if the don't pan out.

Looking towards the draft, if the Redskins draft a tight end, it should be done no sooner than the sixth round. They have many other holes they need to fill. But, I believe that a quality tight will be available in later rounds.

One player that I believe will be available is Adrien Robinson. Robinson, a 6' 4" 264 pound senior, will be a big target for whomever is playing quarterback for the Redskins. Another draftee that should be available towards the end of the draft is Brad Smelley from Alabama. Smelley is a 6' 3" 229 pound tight end that showed great blocking skills throughout his career with the Crimson Tide.

While the tight end position is not the Redskins biggest need, it is somewhat of a mess. There are a number of available free agents that would be useful to the Redskins, but, there is no need to spend big money on a big name tight end.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Redskins WR Situation

Marques Colston could become a Redskin this off-season. (Photo:
A point of concern that the Redskins should address this off-season is wide receiver. If they move up and select Robert Griffin III or sign a different quarterback, he is going to need somebody to throw to.

Currently the Redskins have Santana Moss, Donte Stallworth (free agent), Jabar Gaffney, and Anthony Armstrong as their top four wide receivers.

The Redskins don't have the talent at the wide receiver position that they need if the want to compete with top teams. They don't have a big name, big time wide receiver that sells tickets and scores touchdowns.

There are, however, players that they can sign through free agency.

Currently the top free agent wide receiver is Vincent Jackson of the San Diego Chargers. He is a big tall wide receiver with great hands. He can block and he can run routes. He's been in the league for seven years so he is still fairly young. Last season, he had 60 receptions for 1,106 yards and nine touchdowns.

Another free agent that pops out at me is Marques Colston of the New Orleans Saints. At just 28 years old, he still has a number of years left in the league. With the Saints recently franchise tagging Drew Brees, the price tag on Colston maybe a little too high for the Redskins (shocking...I know).

If the Redskins are looking for experience and a big name, Reggie Wayne of the Indianapolis Colts is also available. Seeing as how the Colts are expected to draft Andrew Luck, they may retain Wayne simply for his experience. But, he is an interesting option.

Looking toward the draft, the Redskins have a few options, as well. For this, we're are going to assume that they have traded away this years first and second round pick in order to move up and draft Robert Griffin III.

When the Redskins select in the third round, I project that Nick Toon will still be on the board. Toon is a tall target standing at 6' 2" and set numerous records at Wisconsin.

If the Redskins use their third round pick for a different position, they will have two picks to use in a the fourth round. One direction they could go is draft AJ Jenkins from Illinois. Jenkins is over 6 feet tall and ran a 4.39 40 yard dash at the combine in Indy. He also had a 38.5" vertical jump and recorded a 10' 04" broad jump.

A few players that could be selected in the later rounds include Devier Posey (Ohio State), Marquis Maze (Alabama), and Marvin McNutt (Iowa).

Either way the Redskins decide to go, they need to draft or sign a wide receiver of quality. Last season we saw many get their opportunity on this team and fall flat. Bringing in a fresh wideout would do wonders for the offense.

Lannan For Sale?

Bill Ladson of reported this morning that the Washington Nationals could be trading away pitcher John Lannan. If the move happens, it will be done before Opening Day on April 5th.

The report also went on to say that General Manager Mike Rizzo is not going to just give away Lannan. He is waiting for the right package of prospects to be offered before deciding on a deal.

Coming into last season, Lannan was regarded by many as the teams ace. In 2011, he posted an 10-13 record in 33 appearances with a 3.70 era (best of his career). He struck out 106 batters and walked 76.

Since Lannan has been able to post solid numbers, he is a very attractive target for most teams and Rizzo should be able to get a few solid prospects in exchange for Lannan.

With the edition of Gio Gonzalez, Lannan has fallen virtually out of the starting rotation. With Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmerman, Edwin Jackson, and Chien-Ming Wang expected to be the other four starters, Lannan will most likely be on the outside looking in on Opening Day.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Redskins QB Situation

Rex Grossman would be a solid back-up. (Photo:
As I am sure we are all aware, the Redskins have a bit of a situation at the quarterback position. I've been giving it some thought and I think I have come up with a solution.

To start off, let's just assume that they trade up and select Robert Griffin III with the second pick in the NFL draft. That's all fine and well. But, let's be honest, most likely he will not step right in and start immediately.

The offensive scheme that Kyle Shanahan runs is just too complicated for ANY rookie quarterback (yes...that includes you, Andrew Luck). It takes months of preparation off the field to understand the lingo and then months of practice on the field to understand the footwork, progressions, and signals.

Trying to throw a rookie into that situation would just be a recipe for disastor. Due to that circumstance, the back up quarterback position now becomes a position of need for the Redskins.

Since we are ASSUMING that Robert Griffin III is the other quarterback, we need to look at who the Redskins can use at back-up and starter for the beginning of the season.

I was listening to ESPN 980 the other day and this exact debate came on the radio. I was appalled and embarrassed at what one of the broadcasters said. He said they should clean house in terms of quarterback and sign either Kyle Orton, Shaun Hill, Matt Moore, or Chad Henne. Are you kidding me?

That is all complete bull. If you think that either of those quarterbacks are worth signing I am ORDERING you to STOP WATCHING FOOTBALL. NONE of those guys are capable quarterbacks...especially for this system.

It's quite an easy decision: keep John Beck or resign Rex Grossman.

Grossman is set to become a free agent. The Redskins don't need to keep both of them. Which ever one you choose, let go of the other one.

The Redskins currently have a hold of two quarterbacks that have already played in this system and can help aid RG3 in learning the system. I'm not saying that Beck or Grossman are going to be the face of the franchise, I'm saying that they will be solid back-ups based solely on the fact that they have been playing in this system for a few years.

Now, the recent release of Peyton Manning certainly throws a wrench in everything...NOT. Redskins...stay away. Don't spend the big money for another bust (*cough* Haynesworth *cough* Archuleta *cough*).

Instead, stick to this plan: trade up for the number two pick and draft Robert Griffin III and then either resign Rex Grossman or keep John Beck.

It's need to get fancy...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

LaRoche To Return

Adam LaRoche is expected to play first base this season. (Photo:
Mark Zuckerman reported a bit of a change to the return of Adam LaRoche.

Last week it was reported that he would be returning to full action tomorrow against the Cardinals. According to the new report, that is no longer the case.

"I think he'll be champing at the bit for tomorrow, but I'm not going to play him tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be ready to go Thursday," said Nationals Manager Davey Johnson in an interview with Zuckerman.

Johnson did go on to say that LaRoche could see a few at bats as a designated hitter, but he will see no action in the field.

The Nationals first baseman has been sidelined this spring due to an injury to his shoulder and ankle. In a workout earlier this year, he suffered a "mild ankle sprain". He is also recovering from a surgical procedure he had done last summer to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder.

Trading For the Number 2 Pick

As the April NFL draft fast approaches more and more people are claiming that quarterbacks Andrew Luck will go first overall (likely) and Robert Griffin III will go second overall (probably).

If the Redskins have any hope of drafting RG3, they should trade up into the number two spot of they want to get him. That means, they will need to make a trade with the Saint Louis Rams.

Let's speak hypothetically real quick...

The Redskins are the only team currently in the running for trading up to the number two spot. What does it take? In my opinion and looking at past trades, this years first AND second round pick and next years first and possibly second round pick.

It would for sure take at least three picks in order to move up. If the Redskins do make the trade, expect it to be this years first, this years second, and next years first.

Enough hypothetical talk...back to reality...

It has been reported numerous times that the Cleveland Browns are also interested in trading up for the number two pick. There is one big reason why we could possibly write this off: the Browns have invested too much in acquiring and grooming Colt McCoy.

They have too much time and money invested in developing this young quarterback. It would be a huge waste of time to not draft an offensive lineman to protect him with their first pick and then draft a tight end or running back with the 22 pick.

Back to hypothetical talk...

The Browns are extremely interested in acquiring the second round pick and drafting RG3 (Fact: they have stated that they will not give up the 22nd pick to move up...they will only give up the number four pick). That all bodes well for the Redskins except for one thing: Cleveland has the fourth pick.

Back to reality...

The fact that the Browns select two places before the Redskins is enough to make the Rams choose Cleveland over Washington. If this is the case and the Browns are going after the number two pick hard, here is the Redskins new offer: 2012 1st/2nd, 2013 1st/2nd, and maybe even throw in a player.

That is certainly quite a lot to give up for just one player. The fact of the matter is, if the Redskins want to select Robert Griffin III, they are going to have to move up to the number two position. Whether or not Cleveland is pursuing that pick is a totally different story that adds numerous dimensions to the equation.

The 2012 NFL Draft is not until April 26th at 8 P.M. In all honesty, I would not expect to see any type of deal between the Redskins and the Rams to be made until that night.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Nationals Week Preview

Nationals Bryce Harper. (Photo:

This week the Nationals have a busy schedule down in Florida. They have a game each day of the week including a double header this Saturday.

Their opponents this week consist of the Mets (twice), Braves, Cardinals (twice), Astros, Marlins, and Tigers. Saturday is a split squad double header against the Mets and Tigers.

Something to watch for this week is the return of first baseman Adam LaRoche. According to Bill Ladson of, LaRoche is expected to make his first spring training appearance this Wednesday against the Cardinals. He has been sidelined by shoulder and ankle injuries.

Bryce Harpers improvement is another thing to keep an eye on. So far, he has been showing effort defensively by diving after numerous fly balls. His hitting has been OK at best, but I expect we will see what he is really made of this week.

Harper will be facing top (if you can say this early in the spring) pitching talent when they play the likes of the Cardinals and Tigers.

This Saturday when the Nationals take on the Tigers in game two of their double header, the team will get a look at the once pursued Prince Fielder. Fielder was rumored to have been heavily pursued by the Nationals, but went to the Tigers instead.

Nationals Sunday Review

This past Friday the Washington Nationals began their Spring Training schedule. For their first three games, they played the Georgetown Hoyas and the Houston Astros.

Friday the Nationals stayed in Viera to take on the Georgetown Hoyas baseball team. This was a chance for young prospects to catch Davey Johnson Co's eye.

The star of the show for the Nationals was starting pitcher Matt Purke. Purke, who was scheduled to throw 42 pitches, only needed 32 to get him through three scoreless innings. He struck out three batters and only gave up one hit in the effort.

Bryce Harper was 0-2 on the day with a walk. Anthony Rendon was also 0-2 and struck out with the bases loaded to end the first inning.

The Nats did defeat the Hoyas by a score of 3-0.

The Nationals officially began their Spring Training schedule in Kissimmee against the Houston Astros. Bryce Harper was scheduled for his very first start.

In the first inning, Harper got his first chance at a big league hitter. He stepped to the plate against former National Livan Hernandez hit a single.

The next two times Harper came to the plate he grounded out and finished 1-3.

In the bottom of the fourth, the Astros Chris Johnson took Ross Detwiler deep for a two-run shot. The Nationals answered in the fifth when Roger Bernadina and Jesus Flores both doubled to score the Nationals only run.

Ross Detwiler would get credited with the 3-1 loss.

Sunday the Nationals returned to Viera to take on the Astros for the second straight day. Stephen Strasburg would get his first start on the mound for the Nationals this spring.

After going two innings without giving up a run and striking out three, he gave up two runs in the third inning.

Davey Johnson then made the move to the bullpen and brought in veteran Tom Gorzelanny. Gorzelanny gave up 7 runs in one inning of work including a three-run homer to Fernando Martinez.

Bryce Harper went 1-2 in his second start this spring.

The Astros would sweep the two game series by winning this game by a score of 10-2.

The Nationals are 0-2 this spring. It is early and there really is no point in panicking two games into Spring Training.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time for War...Literally

Recently, ESPN broke a story claiming that Gregg Williams used a "bounty program" to motivate his defensive players while he coached for the Redskins and Saints.

He would set a cash prize to the guy who could take out or "kill" the opponents star player.

Like usual, I have a strong opinion about this...

First off, the cash prize would not come out of his own pocket. He would take the money that the team fined the players and use that to reward his players. That money is supposed to go to charity! What?! Are you kidding me? First, you're going to encourage your players to hurt other players and now you're stealing from those less fortunate? Why don't you just go into a preschool and tell the kids that Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy aren't real?

The timing of this is absolutely absurd. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is currently in the middle of making the league safer and promote player longevity. So the fact that Williams was promoting the exact opposite in a closed room is not going to help is case.

After this came out, I read the quotes on an article where one person said that players can't do kill shots. They're just simply going for the tackle....whoever you are...stop watching football. Of course they know how to do kill shots! They've been playing this game their ENTIRE life.

Something that really bothers me, however, is the fact I feel tricked by the New Orleans Saints.

For a whole season they acted like they were the good guys and that they deserved to have a bandwagon because they're just nice regular people...with a killer instinct.

We watched as these guys helped clean up after Katrina. I'm sure they went at that with spear-headed mentality like they did Brett Favre...

We all know that stuff like this goes on in each locker room of the NFL and it's so ridiculous. They have no idea what they are going to be doing to each other. If this dirty play style and bounty system continues, the field is going to look like the Battle of Antietam.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Redskins Tag Davis

CSN Washington reported, and later confirmed, that the Washington Redskins have franchise tagged tight end Fred Davis.

Due to the parameters of the tag, Davis will make $5.4 million next year.

This past season Davis was suspended for the final five games of the season for violating the leagues drug policy. He, along with offensive tackle Trent Williams, used marijuana on a regular basis.

When THAT story first broke many said that the ownership would not stand for such an action. I guess that meant that they would not pay him $5.5 million.

Davis, who will be entering his fifth season in Washington, had 59 receptions for 796 yards and 3 touchdowns in 12 games last season.

Many believe that Fred Davis is the answer for the Redskins when Chris Cooley finally hangs it up.

Obviously his little drug mishap, and I use "mishap" loosely, doesn't seem to matter to Redskins GM Bruce Allen and company. Davis got abused the drug after practice on a day-to-day basis. Is this really going to be our "franchise" player?

Davis's actions last season exposed a level of immaturity that is alarming. Conducting himself like that on a day-to-day basis hints that he cares more about what goes on after practice than during it. It makes one really question his desire to play the game.

There is no doubt that Fred Davis is a player worthy of the franchise tag, but, he has a lot he needs to show in terms of maturity.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

What To Do With LaRon Landry

As free agency approaches the Redskins have one huge decision to make: what to do with safety LaRon Landry.

The Redskins safety is set for free agency when it begins. The Redskins have a few directions to go: franchise tag, new contract, or release.

My answer? Release him.

I know! You all think I'm crazy! Hear me out! Here's my biggest issue with him: he can't seem to stay on the field anymore!!

What good is a player that can't even play?? He's as good as the water boy is! Instead of spending $15 million a year for someone to ride the pine let's just go out and get a really good water boy!!

When Landry first entered the league he played a $15 million a year player. In his first three seasons, he played in all but one game. Through those three seasons, he totaled 250 total tackles. That is great!

In the two seasons since then, he's missed 9 games and has had 133 tackles. What happened??

Injury. LaRon Landry got injured and he has not been the same since then. The Redskins can't be guaranteed that he will give them at least 14-15 games through each year of his contract. Unless he can guarantee me that, I don't want him!

The Redskins have a tough decision. To give him credit, when he's on the field he's a difference maker. The problem, however, is that he can't seem to stay on the field.

My advice to Bruce and Danny Boy: save yourself some cash and move on. LaRon Landry is a health liability now. Turn to free agency and the draft over the next few years to look for his replacement.

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