Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tim Tebow

What does Tim Tebow, Joe Webb, Charlie Whitehurst, and Richard Bartel all have in common? They are all back-up quarterbacks. Nothing more, nothing less.

There's only one thing that separates Tim Tebow from the rest, all of them could, and should, start over him.

Let's face it; Tim Tebow is not a starting quarterback. I'm tired of the "but he is so good in the fourth quarter" crap. There's three other quarters. Where is he then? In my opinion, the Broncos playoff run (I guess that's what you call that) should be credited to the defense. I mean come on; they made it so the offense only had to make 10-14 points in the fourth quarter. That's manageable for ANY quarterback.

As a quarterback, Tim Tebow is...dare I say it...God awful!! His throwing motion is slow as molasses. He deosn't always make the right read. If his first or second option isn't there, he panics and runs like his hair is on fire. When he does finally let it fly, his throws are high, low, wide left, and wide right. Hey Timmy, you see those numbers on their chest? Throw it at that.

My point is there was only one thing that he could do: run. I will be honest with you; Tebow was quite good at running the football. That's pretty much the only time he was productive was when he was running the football.

Let's look at something else: his worth. You heard me! His worth, price tag, the cash that the Jet's had to throw down! To the Jets, Tebow is worth $9.75 million over the next five years (according to

What about the Broncos? They just signed Peyton Manning to a long term deal. How much was Payton Manning worth to them?

This actually cracks me up! They practically gave him away! John Elway just sat there and told the Jets to name their price! The Jets offered the Broncos a fourth and a fifth round draft pick for Tebow. But, that wasn't all. Along with Tebow, the Broncos had to give up a seventh round draft pick.

What did they draft him with? The 23rd overall pick? Yeah that's right. His stock dropped at least four rounds over the course of his career with the Broncos.

I am tired of this circus that the media is putting on for Tim Tebow. A press conference? Really? To introduce the BACK-UP quarterback? What about Caleb Haine? The Broncos just signed him to be the back-up. Who dropped the ball on the press conference?

The Jets are open about what they are going to be doing with Tebow. He is going to be the wild-cat package quarterback. Which means he is going to run. Stopping that offense with Tim Tebow at the helm is college level coaching. I'm Bill Belichick did not lose one minute of sleep ("What? Tim Tebow to the Jets? Eh...send a linebacker or two.")

The Tim Tebow circus now rolls into the Big Apple. The fans and the media there are relentless. If he makes one mistake he will sure know about it.