Saturday, March 17, 2012

Redskins Resign Grossman

Today, CSN Washington reported that the Washington Redskins have resigned quarterback Rex Grossman. As of right now, the dollar value of the contract is unknown, but, it is a 1-year deal.

Resigning Grossman to this deal is a good move in my opinion. This allows the Redskins to retain a quarterback that successfully, at times, ran the offense. Grossman may be able to teach whoever the Redskins draft with the second pick the offense.

Most likely, the Redskins will pick quarterback Robert Griffin III. In all honesty, I would not expect him to start from day one. The offense that Kyle Shanahan runs is very complicated and takes some time to grasp (just ask Rex...). That being said, Grossman will suffice until Griffin figures everything out.

We've known all along that Grossman is a solid back-up quarterback. Maybe this season he won't guarantee anything.

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