Thursday, March 15, 2012

Should the Redskins Resign Fletcher?

London Fletcher, 59, has been a key part of the Redskins defense and team. (Photo:

The Redskins are currently on the verge of losing the cornerstone of the defense and the team.

For those that may not know, and this has been kept pretty low key, Redskins middle linebacker London Fletcher is currently a free agent. The team has yet to resign him and we have yet to hear of the two sides reaching a deal anytime soon.
The figures of the deal and the difference between them is also unknown at this point.

However, the Redskins and Fletcher have been adamant in saying that they want to stay together. Why not? Fletcher has been the leader of this team since he came to Washington in 2007.

In February, however, Fletcher did state that he is willing to leave the Redskins if the two sides cannot reach an agreement.

He has started 80 of 80 possible games for Redskins since 2007. Fletcher has led the team in tackles each season compiling a total of 705 through the past five seasons. This past season was the best of his career in terms of tackles with 166.
One thing that might stop the Redskins from resigning Fletcher is his age.

At 37 years old, he's been in the league for 14 years. At his position, that is a long time. He has played in every game of every season for all 14 seasons, as well. He's got some mileage on him and that is not a plus factor.

One other factor will likely be his price tag. For a guy that may only be around for 2-3 more seasons, the price to sign him is going to be awfully high. If the Redskins claim to be in a rebuilding mode, they can't be throwing money around with free agent veterans that are at the end of their careers (*cough cough* Peyton Manning...).

While having Fletcher on the field is a huge asset to the defense, in the long run it may be best to part ways with the toughest player in the NFL. Like all good things, it must come to an end at some point. This may be that point for the Redskins and London Fletcher.