Sunday, April 4, 2010

McNabb a Redskin?

Donovan McNabb is a Washington Redskin. This trade works out well for both teams. The Redskins get a quarterback that Mike Shanahan can work with and the Eagles get the draft pick that they have always wanted. The Redskins traded away the 37th pick and possibly a 3rd or 4th round pick for this marquee QB. Kevin Kolb finally takes control of the Eagles offense. With this trade, the Redskins are sure not to make another bone-headed pick with the 4th pick in Aprils draft. We can now expect them to select:

  1. Russel Okung, offensive tackle from Oklahoma St.
  2. Anthony Davis, offensive tackle from Rutgers
  3. Bryan Bulaga, offensive tackle from Iowa
  4. Trent Williams, offensive tackle from Oklahoma

Why an offensive tackle? To protect the quarterbacks blind side. Whether its McNabb, Campbell, Grossman, or even Colt Brennan, you need to protect the quarterback in order for them to be productive.

What do the Eagles get out of this mess? They now have 11 picks in this years draft. 11! Teams only have 11 players on offense and defense respectively! They hand over the reins to their offense to a young and promising hot shot named Kevin Kolb and they have the ability to draft lineman and weapons for Kolb to throw to. The downside for the Eagles? They traded their gunslinger away to a division foe. They will see McNabb twice a season. They have since made their opponent better. Not a smart move for the Eagles.

McNabb will also be able to mentor the younger quarterbacks on the Redskins. Colt Brennan could very well become the next Aaron Rodgers. That all depends, however, on Donovan McNabbs attitude toward the situation and how Mike Shanahan and company receive him. For the time being, be proud Redskins fans and be cautious Eagles fans, both your teams have made a move that will greatly benefit one, but could greatly hurt the other.