Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cinderella vs Goliath

Butler vs Duke. Cinderella vs Goliath. A movie writer could not have scripted it any better. The Butler Bulldogs take on the Duke Blue Devils six miles from the campus of Butler. The National Championship basketball game is played in Butlers' backyard!! They are the modern day Milan High School basketball team portrayed in the true story Hoosiers. Coincidence that the movie Hoosiers was filmed in Butlers gym? I do not think that there is any doubt who the crowd will be rooting for. Duke is obviously going to be out numbered in the fan vote. It's all been setup for the Bulldogs to take down Duke and write its' own Hoosier-like story. What do I predict? After watching Duke take down West Virginia the way that they did, they obviously look like the favorite, even if some 29,000 people are against them. The experience that Duke has, not only of their players, but of their coach. Coach K has been here before and he knows how to handle it. The youth of Butler has proven to be better than everybody expected. Its tough to go against such a Cinderella story. I will be rooting for Butler with all my heart. But in the end, I think the Duke Blue Devils will be the ones that come out on top. This game will not be one to stay up for. I can not remember the last NCAA Basketball Championship that was fun to watch. UNC blew out Mich St last year and Florida the years before. I don't think the trend will change. Sorry, but Cinderellas' glass shoe gets stomped on by the Duke Blue Devils. Happy Easter.