Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vikings, Redskins Discuss McNabb

According to ESPNs Adam Schefter the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins are discussing a trade in which quarterback Donovan McNabb will be sent to Minnesota. However, the Vikings cannot make a deal with the Redskins unless they make a deal with McNabb.

Last off-season the Redskins began the drama that was the Donovan McNabb Saga. The club gave Philadelphia two draft picks this in return for what was hoped to be "Shanahans new John Elway." As history says, that did not happen. McNabb never became the QB he was supposed to be and by the end of the season he was riding the pine.

Because of his lack-of success last season the price of the once high priced McNabb has plummeted. In my opinion, the Vikings will only be getting a back-up quarterback. The Redskins will only be getting a late round draft pick at best. It's all about cap space at this point. If the Redskins deal McNabb, that would free up some cap space.

As of right now the franchises have figured out the logistics of the trade but not the financial part of it. Expect the Redskins to only get a late round draft pick from Minnesota. The official announcement of a deal could come within the next 24-36 hours.