Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Rumblin' Rams

Want to hear something scary? The Shepherd University Ram football team beat Seton Hill 64-7. The scary part? They didn't even play their best game. Yeah, I know, you're frightened.

The last thing I want to come out of this write up is for the team to get ego's the size of the field itself. But, let's be honest, this team is pretty impressive when you think about it.

Four times the offense had to settle for a field goal instead of a touchdown while in the redzone. Four times! Four! That's 28 points! Let's do some math!

64 - 9 (one kick was missed) = 55 + 28 = 83!

Wait? 83?! Really? That's incredible. The Rams had the opportunity to score 83 points.

Seton Hill had no chance in this football game. They never did. The Rams came out fast and they didn't slow down.

The offense did, however, play a sloppy a game. Multiple times they marched into Griffin territory and committed costly penalties and were forced to punt. That's more points right there!

This team that Coach Monte Cater has is one of the best I have ever seen at this level. Multiple players are being scouted by the NFL and many others probably should be.

The defense is a lean, mean, wrecking machine. Seton Hills offense was held to just 84 yards and ran 67 plays. Let me put that in perspective. The Ram offense ran 72 plays (just 5 more) and racked up a total of 542 yards of total offense. Yeah. That just happened.

If you are scheduled to play the Rams in the future, I'd just skip it. If you don't bring you're A-game you're just going to get smashed. These Rams are furious and they don't mess around. The safest place to be when they're on the field is in the stands.

This fall the Rams should be gunning for nothing less than an NCAA Division 2 National Championship. Anything less would be a failure of a season.