Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time to Grow Up

(Photo: trb.com)
Bryce Harper is simply not ready to make the jump to the MLB. While many say that his skill is currently needed on the Nationals major league roster, I say that his attitude certainly is not.

All off-season we have seen Harper show his signs of immaturity. Harper is a young "stud" that skipped college to go to the major leagues. It appears that he is still trying to have that college experience.

While we still have not, and hopefully never will, hear of Harper attending parties where he could potentially land in deep trouble with the MLB and Nationals organization, he has still shown a number of other immature qualities. Harper was quoted saying that he did not like or supports any of the Washington D.C. franchises. He has also had some questionable tweets, as well.

It appears as though Harper's most recent slogan/motto/creed is "Haters Gonna Hate"...classy.

In his first season in the Nationals farm system he had some on-field antics that generated quite a buzz across the baseball world. In a minor league game, he hit a towering home run and as he rounded third base he blew a kiss towards the pitcher. It is things like that will get your teeth knocked out in the major leagues. It will also endanger you and your teammates of getting hit by a pitch later in the game.

If it were up to me, there would be no doubt that Harper is not ready for the major leagues. Throw his skill level completely out the window. It has been made quite obvious that he is not ready to handle the level of attention that he will receive. He has not dealt well with the attention he gets in the Nationals farm system.

Imagine Harper's first major league at-bat. His over the top music begins and "struts his stuff" to homeplate waving and swinging his bat like he is in the movie Major League. He is completely consumed with the crowd and not the at-bat. My prediction? A three-pitch strikeout.

Bryce Harper is not ready to be a major league baseball player. He still has a long way to go mentally. Physically he may be there, but, the Nationals would be doing more harm than good by moving him to the opening day roster.

How long should the Nationals wait before they finally bring him up? However long it takes. Having the right mind set in the major leagues is key and Harper does not have it yet.