Sunday, April 21, 2013


Sports. They can be a beautiful thing. They can be a healing thing. They can be a remedy for pain and suffering.

This past Monday, Boston was rocked when two bombs went off at the finish of the Boston Marathon as I'm sure most of you, hopefully all of you, may have at least heard about. Due to the suspects still on the loose, security at sporting events was heightened and at some Boston sports spectacles, even canceled.

But when the games resumed, we witnessed some of the most emotional moments so far this year. Take the Boston Bruins game, for example, where every single person in attendance broke out in the National Anthem while the singer was performing. 

And it didn't end there. In the Boston Red Sox first game following the attacks, which killed three, Red Sox left fielder Daniel Nava jacked a three-run homer to right-centerfield that took the lead and eventually gave them the win in the eighth inning. 
It's a couple of simple things. A song and a home run. But, for the city of Boston, it's another moment where they banned together...around their favorite sports teams. And it's not just the fans coming together, either. It's a moment that is shared between the teams, the front office people, and the fans. It's the whole city coming together and sharing in one joyous moment.

The tragedy at the Boston Marathon brought out the best in not only Boston, but in America. For an entire week, a whole nation, and world, gathered around their computers, radios, and televisions and watched in anger and anticipation as justice was brought to two criminals. 

Once the dust had cleared and things settled down, Boston then turned to their hometown sports hero's to try to restore some sense of normalcy. And that's exactly what they did. 

Boston and the USA will move on, but we will never forget. I would personally like to thank and congratulate the men and women of the Boston Police Department as well as any other law enforcement personnel that aided in bringing these two men to justice. You're service was professional and top notch, and I'm proud to even live in the same country as you all.