Monday, April 11, 2011

Tigers Clawing Back into the PGA

I am tired of it. Stop it with your "Tiger is so bad" talk. If you watched the final round of The Masters on Sunday you would know that at any point in time Tiger could find his stroke. To start the round Tiger was tied for 9th place. At the finish of the final round he was tied for 4th. He shot the second best final round at a 5 under par 67. Twice he was tied for the lead and even came an eagle putt away from having possession of the top spot. In the final round we saw a 21 year old remind that, he is, a 21 year old. We also saw a 35 year old remind of exactly how good he was when he was 21 years old. At the ripe age of 21 Woods won his first Masters green jacket. On Sunday Woods showed signs of his former self. In the 4th and final round of the Masters Woods had 2 bogeys, 5 birdies, and 1 eagle. Woods finished at 5 under par at the turn from the front nine to the back nine. He was in perfect position to steal his 15th major championship. On the back nine, Tiger was a whole other animal. He shot an even par 36 with 1 bogey and 1 birdie. Even still, he was in contention for the green jacket for most of the back nine. I am not here to defend Tiger Woods or try to convince you that its okay to cheer or boo him at the golf course. But, to those of you who think that Tiger does not have what he used to have, you might want to pay attention: Tiger may have a little more roar in him after all.