Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What A Joke

Barry Bonds has made a mockery of our nations legal system and of our government.

This afternoon Barry Bonds was indicted with obstruction of justice. The charge stems from when he lied in front of a grand jury back in 2003. However, the charge is "obstruction of justice", not "perjury". Big difference.

Perjury would land Bonds major jail time. Obstruction of justice will likely get him probation and possibly house arrest. Bonds was brought before the court with 3 counts of perjury as well as the obstruction of justice accusation. The 3 perjury charges were deadlocked and therefore not decided on (meaning Bonds will not be charged with them).

The funny thing about this case, Barry Bonds most likely came out on top. The chances of him receiving the maximum 10 years in prison for obstruction of justice is very small, if there is a chance at all. The chance of him getting sentenced to the suggested 15-21 months behind bars is also small, although it is a possibility. What will most likely happen is that Bonds will be sentenced to around 1 year of home confinement (small price to pay for lying to the federal government).

What bugs me the most about this case is that Barry Bonds what got away with. He got away with lying before a grand jury, taking steroids, and cheating. He knowingly did steroids and there is even eyewitness evidence to prove it.

By allowing the 3 counts of perjury to be dismissed as they were, the 3 most important parts of the case seemingly disappeared. Now all Barry Bonds' legacy will consist of the "did he take steroids" instead of "he took steroids". In my mind, Barry Bonds should never even be considered for the MLB Hall of Fame. The shame and disgrace that he has brought to the sport of baseball, Americas pastime, is unbelievable.

He fought for seven years, hired seven lawyers, and got acquitted with the least severe offense. Barry Bonds, once one of baseballs heroes, now, one of baseballs biggest jokes.