Monday, November 5, 2012

A Change to the Blog

My dear reader,

Ever since August of 2010, you have made it a point to take a few precious minutes out of your day to stop here and see what is the latest and greatest in all things Washington D.C. sports. And some of you have even gone out of your way to share what you read on here on your Twitter and/or Facebook pages and for that, I thank you.

But, there will be a somewhat major change hitting The Skinny On Sports blog from here until forevermore.

Late in the month of October, I was contacted by Beyond Sports Network and was offered the position of Director of Media Relations. Let me back track a quick second...

Recall if you will, this blog post I did this past spring regarding the Beyond Sports Network Collegiate Showcase in Akron, Ohio. I kept in touch with powers that be at BSN and they offered me this position.

Due to the workload that I have happily taken on, I will not be able to post up-to-the-minute updates on your favorite D.C. sports teams. It pains me to say this, but The Skinny On Sports will only be updated 2-3 times per week.

When will it be updated? you may ask. This blog will now be used to recap the latest sporting event, be it Redskins, Wizards, Capitals, or Nationals, and give my personal take on what happened during the game.

I sincerely hope that you continue to check in on this blog on read my latest and greatest take on what exactly happened on the ice, diamond, field, and hard wood. I promise to bring you my unbiased (mostly) opinion on what went down during the game.

Thank you to my readers that check in day after day to see the latest and greatest sports news. You keep me motivated to continue my work and perfect my craft. For now, keep this blog on your list and check in every now and then to see what is going on in the world of The Skinny.


Brian "The Skinny On Sports" Skinnell