Friday, November 2, 2012

Redskins Hall Fined

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall was fined by the NFL yesterday for his tirade towards an official in the second half of Sunday's game against the Steelers. Since he did not make contact with the official, Hall was not suspended. The Washington Times has the full report here.

In the fourth of quarter of last weekends game, Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders took Hall to the ground via his helmet while he blocked him on a running play. A flag was not thrown and Hall decided that then was his chance to voice his disgust.

Hall, with his helmet off, then verbally attacked the official and pointed his finger at him. It took a number of Redskins to finally pull Hall away from the official and even then he was still able to be with shouting distance.

This is the second time a Redskins player or coach has been penalized for verbally attacking an official. Following the week 3 loss to the Bengals, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan attacked the official for how they handled the final moments of the game. Those actions incurred a $20,000 penalty.

To the best of my knowledge, the amount that DeAngelo Hall was fined has not been disclosed. Since Shanahan was fined $20,000 for a similar violation, it would not be surprising if Hall was fined $15-$20,000.

A point that the article linked to above mentions is that Hall will be more severely punished if disciplinary action is needed against him in the future. With the new mindset of the NFL and they way they discipline players, repeat offenders will be receiving harsher penalties as a way to try to get them to stop misbehaving.

At any rate, in the heat of the moment it doesn't matter what the repercussions may be when that player goes off. In Halls case, it was late in the game, the Redskins were losing, it was cold and rainy, and they were on the road. Those factors probably didn't help him keep a cool head and then add in the adrenaline that's already flowing and you've got a recipe for an explosion.

Hopefully, the Redskins will look internally instead of externally when slowing down their players and keeping them from being fined. This is the second time that Redskins coach/player has gotten in trouble for an altercation with the officiating staff.

Question: Do you think DeAngelo Hall was right in attacking the official? Should he have faced disciplinary action? Leave you opinion in a comment below!

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Source: The Washington Times