Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are You Ready?

What is it about the NFL that makes us love it so much? Could it be the big plays? The big hits? The electric atmosphere? The personalities? I say it's something much more. on!

When I watch a football game, I see much more than 22 men beating the crap out of each other. There is something there that is so mesmerizing that I can't get enough of. The creativity. The sights. The sounds. All of it! Every aspect of an NFL game grabs my attention and keeps me watching.

The way the players are constantly battling trying to get the better of one another. The constant chess match between the coaches. The offensive coordinator constantly trying to beat the defensive coordinator. The competition between the offensive line and the defensive line.

I love the way the NFL brings people together. Whether it's a kickoff party in someones living room or 40,000 of your closest friends in the stands watching your favorite team take the field, everyone comes together to root for a common goal and against a common enemy.

So this fall make sure to call your friends, throw some bratwursts on the grill, and fill a cooler with cold ones. It's time to gather 'round the T.V. to watch the game we all love. The NFL is back! I just got one question for you...

Are YOU ready for some football?