Saturday, August 13, 2011

Redskins Show Promise

Last night the Redskins defeated the Steelers 16-7 in their first preseason game. Even though it was a preseason game, the Redskins did show some promise. Keep in mind while reading this...I DO know that it was a preseason game and the Steelers only played their starters for ten plays.

Lets start with the offense.

The offensive line played better than I think anyone expected. Grossman had good protection and the offensive line was able to move the defensive line around. Speaking of "Gross Rexman" (courtesy of Sally Block), he didn't play that bad last night. Rexman, I mean Grossman, went 19 for 26 with 207 and a touchdown. The receivers played well catching virtually everything that came their way. They also did a good job blocking on the outside to open up running lanes for Tim Hightower.

Tim Hightower! What a pleasant surprise the ENTIRE running back corp was! Hightower, Helu, and Royster were running all over the Steelers defense last night. They were catching screen passes and running hard down hill.

Lets move onto the defense.

Holding the Steelers to seven points is no easy task. But, the Redskins were able to make it happen. Rookie Ryan Kerrigan was making plays all over the field. Newly added nose tackle Barry Cofield was in the backfield quicker than you can say "hike". The corners were coming up and supporting the run defense and the linebackers played well supporting the secondary. All in all, I'm more than pleased with the Redskins defense.

Now for the special teams.

Special teams. Yeah, I don't know where to begin. We could start with how Shayne Graham just gave the job to Graham Gano? If there was ever a "C'MON MAN" moment, Shayne Grahams 28 yard field goal attempt was it. Let us not forget how the air tackled Brandon Banks. He shakes the punter and breaks another players ankles, but, good old air was there to save the day for the Steelers! At least our back up punt returner didn't screw up. Oh wait...he did worse. Aldrick Robinson fumbled two punts! Yep! We spent a draft pick to get him! Go head on over to receiver drills, Aldrick, that's where you're going to stay. But there is one thing that we do know about our special teams...Graham Gano is going to be the kicker!

Next week the Redskins head to Indy to take on the Colts. Don't expect to see Chris Cooley on the field as he is still nursing a knee injury. Hopefully the Redskins can keep improving from this decent start to a preseason.