Monday, August 22, 2011

Strasburg Pitches For Hagerstown

In his fourth rehab start tonight Stephen Strasburg pitched 60 pitches over 3 solid innings.
After his dismal performance in his last outing Strasburg returned to form tonight. Over 3 innings Strasburg allowed 2 runs off 2 hits and struck out 6 batters. The phenom had the hitters on their heels all the while.

Even though Strasburg allowed an uncharacteristic 2 runs, he still showed a mental skill that is key to him becoming a standout major league pitcher: He was able to put his past appearances behind him and move on. Top major league pitchers need to be resilient and should be able to come back stronger and better than ever in their next outing.

The road to recovery is slow but patience is key for how the organization handles Strasburg. Rushing him back too soon will only add further injury and waste one of the greatest talents to ever come through Washington sports...period. However, they appear to be handling him well and everyone is excited about his return to the Washington Nationals rotation.