Friday, January 13, 2012

Redskins QB Rumors

Today, I read a very interesting tweet on Twitter. It was tweeted by former Redskins radio beat reporter and current ESPN anchor Bram Weinstein. It simply read this (and I quote!):

"One of the people who's opinion at ESPN I trust the most says Peyton + Saturday to Redskins is VERY likely.. So, I have to warm up to it"

Yes. You just read that. I'll give you a minute to catch your breath...

Got it? Read that quote a couple of times? I sure did!

Now, don't go off saying that The Skinny said that Peyton Manning and Colts center Jeff Saturday was coming to the Redskins. I am merely repeating a tweet and shedding a little light on things!

By no means is this a done deal. This may not even BE a deal. This could certainly be something that some ESPNer said that has been taken out of context. Bram Weinstein, however, is a very reliable person for sports news. The thing I'd like to know, however, is who his source is. Anywho...

This rumor is clearly speculation and well...a rumor! Sure, it would be beneficial for Manning and Saturday to come to the Redskins, but don't go out and make a custom number 18 "Manning" Redskins jersey.

This is, however, certainly something to keep an eye on. Many times we have heard of this deal on ESPN and sports shows alike. The idea of Manning coming to the Redskins has been thrown around before.

Keep in mind that Manning could be seeing his career coming to an end due to his injured neck.

Keep in touch with this rumor. There could certainly be something to this further on down the road. For the time being, though, get excited for drafting a quarterback in the first round of the draft.