Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Report: Fielder Makes Decision

(Photo: nasorb.com)
Today, it was reported by ESPN's Jerry Crasnick that free agent first baseman Prince Fielder has made his decision. The team, however, came straight out of left field: the Detroit Tigers.

All reports and signs pointed to either the Washington Nationals or the Texas Rangers to sign Fielder. At one point the Nationals seemed the clear cut front runners to sign him due to their affiliation with his agent, Scott Boras.

But, they were merely reports, not facts...sadly.

The deal is reportedly worth $214 million over 9 years. This type of contract is exactly what Boras and Fielder were looking for. They wanted a long term deal, at least seven years, with a lot of money to go with it, $214 million ain't too bad!

Things can now get back to normal around the old Washington ball club. They can now turn to focus on signing third baseman Ryan Zimmerman to a long term deal. Rumors have already buzzed of the two sides trading figures.

Missing out on Fielder is not the end of the world. The Nationals still have Adam LaRoche to rely on at first base. The Nats also have Tyler Moore and Chris Marrero in their farm system. Both are reliable players that can get the job done.