Saturday, May 12, 2012

Harper Cuts Eye

Last night during the eighth inning of the Nationals game versus the Reds, right fielder Bryce Harper emerged from the dugout with blood flowing from his left eye.

Post-game, Davey Johnson gave a very detailed explanation on what happened.

Simply put, Harper threw a fit. He was in the midst of an 0-5 night with three strikeouts and had to blow off a little steam. He took a bat, went to the tunnel that leads to the clubhouse, and swung away! the wall (not his eye).

In theory, the bat was supposed to break when he hit the wall with it. Like I said, that's what was SUPPOSED to happen. However, the bat didn't break and it swung back and hit him in the face just above his left eye.

Since then, Harper has gotten stitches to sow up his eye. It took ten stitches to close the wound.

If you ask Harper, he'll be in the line-up tonight. If you ask Johnson, he'll be out a couple of nights to let the swelling go down.

I don't think that there is any reason to question Harper's maturity level. The kid was having an off night and needed to blow off some steam. If he hadn't cut his eye, we'd never know about his incident in the tunnel.

At least Harper was mature enough to go to a less public place to throw his fit. He could have stayed in the dug out and thrown the water cooler, helmet, and bats around for all the world to see.

Harper has gotten off to a rough start this April. Every major leaguer has been in a slump at some point in their career. Hopefully Nationals hitting coach Rick Eckstein will work with Harper to help get his swing back.

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