Friday, May 11, 2012

Time to Walk the Walk

I am so sick and tired of hearing about concussions and what they do to the brain and how former players have had their lives altered because of them. I don't know about the rest of you, but, all I'm hearing is talk and I'm not seeing any action.

Last time I checked, talk is cheap. Here's another saying in action: you can talk the talk, but, can you walk the walk?

That's what the NFL is right now. It's cheap and full of talkers.

Look, Roger Goodell, ANOTHER player has died, by his own hand no less, because of the effect that a concussion has on ones brain. To me, hearing Goodell say how the game should be made safer just seems like he's blowing hot air for the press.

Stop talking...for once...and start doing! The longer we talk about how we ALREADY know that concussions can really mess someone up mentally only makes the problem worse and allows more players to be effected.

It is absolutely sickening that yet another former player had to die, by his own hand, to finally bring this to the forefront.

I mean, how out of touch are you, Roger Goodell? He keeps preaching "player safety" and I have yet to see football made safer. You know why? Because football is, and always will be, a dangerous game. Deal with it. But all he's doing is preaching. When is he finally going to do something?

It is VERY simple to prevent concussions. The past couple weeks the theory of the NUMBER of hits has risen to the top as a reason why players are more susceptible to concussions. Great! We've established a problem, now let's establish a solution. This is the easy part.

Since it's the number of hits, just reduce the opportunity for players to get hit. In one practice, a player will endure more hits in that practice than throughout the course of one game. You see where I'm going yet?

It's simple: eliminate the number of full-contact practices. It's really that easy. Instead of having full contact practices 4-5 days a week, how about 3-4 days per week? Really! Eliminating ONE full-contact practice will drastically reduce the number concussions we see.

This starts down at the high school level. But still, it is very simple to create a sport wide rule to limit the number of full contact practices.

I am absolutely finished TALKING about concussions. I get it! They're bad and can cause MAJOR post-career head trauma. How about some action then? If we KNOW that they are dangerous and we KNOW how they are caused, why don't we move towards eliminating them by addressing what creates them?

So how about it NFL? Talk is cheap. You have talked the talk, but, WILL you walk the walk?

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