Monday, May 7, 2012

"I was trying to hit him."

Are you serious? Really? Cole Hamels? Seriously?

As if Washington fans didn't already have enough reasons to purely hate Philadelphia sports, Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels certainly gave them one more following last nights game.

In the first inning, Hamels scorched a first pitch hardball right off the small of 19-year old phenom Bryce Harper's back.

Never, in all of my years of watching sports, have I ever seen a more gutless, tasteless, classless act. To then admit it afterward? makes me sick.

What's worse is that Hamels almost feels proud of his actions. He said after that game that he's "old school" and that's just how baseball is. No it's not and you're not old school! You're just old and past your prime.

You know what would have been a better way to "welcome him to the big leagues"? How about striking him out on three straight pitches. That would send a better statement than showing you have not control plunking him in the back.

Harper did get his poetic justice. Two batters later he stole home off of Hamels when he checked the runner at first and Harper stole home from third base.

But the point remains, Cole Hamels is a punk. He didn't prove anything by hitting Harper in the back. If anything, he only proved that Harper is a huge threat at the plate and that he was afraid to pitch to him.

Cole Hamels should be suspended for his actions. Not only did he intentionally hit a player, he could have also seriously injured Bryce Harper. The spot where the pitch hit him was near his kidneys. Had Harper been hit square on his kidneys, his life could have been at risk.

I know it's easy for me to be biased since I do cheer for the Nationals, but as a baseball fan, I am extremely disappointed. The "old-school" way of baseball is just that...old.

Before I wrap up this rant, let's check out how Bryce Harper has handled this. He hasn't gone on Twitter or Facebook and said terrible things. He hasn't trashed Hamels on national television, either. He's handled himself with the utmost class should commended for it.

Well, if there wasn't a rivalry before there certainly is one now. Both sides have now made it quite clear that there are hard feelings between the two. Be sure to circle this date on your calendar: May 21st. That will be the next time the two sides square to go nine more rounds on the diamond.

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