Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Welcome to the Bigs, Rookie"

Pretty soon that's what Bryce Harper is going to be hearing from opposing pitchers. Just last night Harper went yard in for Class A Hagerstown Suns. As he rounded third base and headed for home he blew a kiss to the pitcher.

Not only did he immaturely blow a kiss at the opposing pitcher, but Hagerstown lost the game 3-2 to Greensboro. They didn't even win. If that was a walk off homer to win the game then he can blow all the kisses he wants. He can even blow a kiss at me for all I care. But if your big fly didn't even help the team win, keep your lips to yourself.

How does that make him look? Sure, he hit a home run, for Class A Hagerstown. He's not even going up against top competition in the minor leagues. Harper is hitting .342 with 14 home runs for Class A Hagerstown. So he's not just wasting his time on the team. But that's not the first time he's hit a home run.

Harper can't go to the bigs until he matures. Some sources say he has had a history of immature behavior in the minor leagues. When Harper does mature enough to move into the bigs, he better be ready to struggle. Big league pitchers are a little bit better than Class A pitchers.