Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oh So Close

The Rams fell just short of the playoff field this year. They did all they could do, but, came up just short.

The teams that the Rams needed to lose this weekend won. California, Kutztown, and Elizabeth City all took care of business and put themselves in the playoffs.

A team that got in as a little bit of a surprise was Concord. Concord finished the season 7-3, but, since they defeated Shepherd they were able to jump ahead of  Shepherd.

A team that, surprisingly, did not make the field was West Virginia Wesleyan College. WVWC lost to Concord this past weekend 48-40. That bumped them down below Shepherd, but, did not move Shepherd up enough to put them in.

Many believe that Shepherd should have been ranked higher coming into the final week of play. I, for one, think so. I predicted that the Rams would have been ranked 9th, not 10th, coming into this past weekends game. Had the Rams been ranked 9th, they still would not have made it into the post-season.

Ram fans can now only dream of what could have been. The Rams had a good enough to be able to make some noise in the post season. I also believe that this team was starting to peak in the past couple weeks just in time to make a huge playoff push.

Last season the Rams made the final four, this season the Rams did not make the post season. It was a great season. I am sure that the Shepherd faithful cannot wait till next year.