Sunday, November 6, 2011

Redskins vs 49ers: Gameplan Revisited

Roy Helu broke the franchise record for receptions in a game with 14. (Photo:
Today, the Redskins were once again defeated. This time the San Francisco 49ers handed the Redskins their fourth straight loss. Let's break it down according to the gameplan.

"Today is John Becks coming out party."

If you decide on this one based on stats, Beck played an O.K. game at best. He finished 30-47 with 254 yards and 1 touchdown with 1 interception. John Beck's decision making was God awful today. Many times he had a receiver that was wide open deep and, instead, passed it to the check down receiver. On one play in the second half, two receivers were wide open and could have walked into the endzone had the ball been thrown to them. He would do the exact opposite, as well. He would go deep when the check down would be the better option.

"The offensive line is going to have to give him some time."

The pass protection was not as bad as it has been. Keep in mind, this is the 21st ranked pass defense the Redskins went against. John Beck was hit 6 times and was sacked only once. For an offensive line that has lacked in protection the past few weeks, they showed much improvement today.

"It is the same thing week in and week out: they must stop the running game."

49ers team rushing totals: 32 carries, 138 yards, 4.3 yards per play. The Redskins did a poor job of tackling today. Frank Gore ran through numerous arm tackles on his way to another 100 yard performance.

"The secondary cannot feel comfortable today. They have been picked apart week after week and now they are lacking back there when it comes to talent due to injuries."

Alex Smith (49ers 31st ranked pass offense): 17-24 with 200 yards and 1 touchdown and a passer rating of 109.7.

Roy Helu Jr. and Graham Gano made history today. Helu broke the franchise single game reception record with 14. The previous record holder was Hall of Famer Art Monk. Graham Gano broke the franchise record for longest field goal. Gano booted a 59 yard field goal right before halftime.

There is one positive thing that happened today: the no huddle offense. I think the Redskins may have found something with it. Statistically, the Redskins have done much better this season when they have gone to the no huddle offense. John Beck looked much more relaxed and went 10-11 on a drive that ended with a touchdown and a 2-point conversion. I know that the defense was probably a little more relaxed in coverage, but, it is still something for the Shanahans to ponder.

Next week the Redskins travel to face the Miami Dolphins. The game will be on Fox and kickoff is at 1 PM.