Sunday, November 27, 2011

Redskins vs Seahawks: Gameplan

Roy Helu Jr. could have a breakout game today. (Photo:
Today the Redskins are in Seattle to take on the 4-6 Seahawks. The Redskins, who have not won since week 4, have a great chance at picking up a win today. These two teams are simply identical. They both average around 300 yards of total offense and allow around 335 yards on defense. They even score (16) and give up (20) the same amount of points! They both have a quarterback situation that has yet to be resolved and both have offensive lines that provide many of their own problems. What do the Redskins have to do? I'll tell you!

It's Roy Helu Jr. time. Since coming off the bye week, the Redskins have not been able to run the football. They average 84 yards per game running the football. The Seahawks average giving up only 100 yards rushing; not bad. Helu has proven to be a difference maker. He is the teams second leading rusher with 248 yards. He runs down hill and can move side to side, as well. But, of course, this can not be down without a healthy offensive line. Not to worry! Trent Williams is expected to be in the line up today.

Rex Grossman will need to step up today. The Seahawks allow 230 yards passing. If Grossman can get some time, then the Redskins receivers will easily get open against a less than stellar secondary.

Special Teams:
What? They're important, too! Redskins have done a pretty good job in kick and punt coverage. Keep it up, guys! Gano...hit your field goals.

It is expected that Tavaris Jackson will start today for Seattle. With him at the helm, the Seahawks average 203 yards passing. There is one way to stop that: shut down Sidney Rice. Sidney Rice is also banged up, but, is expected to start.

The main threat today is Marshawn Lynch. The Seahawks average just under 100 yards per game on the ground. The Redskins defense ranks 18th in the league in stopping the run. They have also not proven themselves against quality runners. I'm sure we all remember Lynch's improbable post-season touchdown run against the Saints. The Redskins should try to avoid that today.

It all comes down to the running game. This game will be tough for the Redskins to win. Keep in mind that rain is expected to fall during the game. If the Redskins can hang on to the ball and keep traction, today could be there best chance to break the losing streak.

My Prediction:
Redskins: 30 - Seahawks: 27