Monday, November 28, 2011


This "Tebowmania" thing has to stop. Every time I flip on ESPN or any sports radio/TV show, people are constantly talking about Tim Tebow and his incredible accomplishment of winning games. What?! We're STILL praising this guy for playing like a STARTING quarterback? In my opinion, it's about time he started playing like this!

Let's get something straight: I am NOT a Tim Tebow hater. I think the things that he can do on the football field are simply incredible. His ability to make plays is like no other. He is a breed of quarterback that we have never seen before in the NFL. But, people need to hop off the wagon.

First off: Enough of the references to his devotion to his religion! I am nowhere NEAR against his devotion, I think it's great, but, do we constantly have to reference that? Do you know how many other players pray before, during, and after the game? There are TONS of other players that are just as devoted as he is to their religion. I am not against his devotion, I am tired of people constantly using that to set him apart from other players.

Second: Are we SERIOUSLY praising him for WINNING? We don't sit back and talk about Tom Brady every week. We don't head to the water cooler and talk about Mike Vick every week. What about Drew Brees? Have we already forgotten about Matt Ryan? What's that guys name the plays for that team in Wisconsin again? Those guys are winning every week, as well. Have we lost sight of the fact that Tim Tebow is a STARTING quarterback? It appears so. His JOB is to win football games. I know the way he does it is impressive, but, he's done it the same way 5 different times now. Is it really that new of a thing? He did it for 3 years at the University of Florida.

In terms of being a quarterback, Tim Tebow is awful. His throwing motion is slower than molasses, his read progression only goes to his second or (maybe) third option, and he is inaccurate. He is not a quarterback. He is a running back that can throw the football. He runs more than he passes during the course of a game. He is a 4th quarter player. He is the worst in the NFL for the three quarters, but, turns it on when he has to get the job done (give him credit for that).

Is he the best player in the NFL? No. Is he one of the best play makers in the NFL? Yes. He simply finds a way to win football games. After all, he IS the starting quarterback. That IS what he is supposed to do.