Sunday, November 6, 2011

Win and In?

The dream of winning a national championship can still become a reality for the Shepherd University Ram football team.

Coming into this weekends action of division 2 college football, the Rams were ranked 10th in the Super Region. The top 6 teams will advance to the playoffs. Here is the standings prior to this weekends games (region record shown):
  1. New Haven 8-0
  2. Winston Salem 8-0
  3. West Virginia Wesleyan 9-0
  4. Bloomsburg 8-1
  5. Elizabeth City 7-1
  6. Slippery Rock 8-1
  7. S. Connecticut 7-1
  8. California 7-1
  9. Kutztown 8-1
  10. Shepherd 6-2
There were some major upsets that took place across the region this past weekend, however.

West Virginia Wesleyan was defeated by Charleston by a score of 28-17. Bloomsburg was topped by Kuztown 52-14. Slippery Rock was taken down by Gannon 33-27. South Connecticut had a bye week.

With a win this past weekend, the Rams improved to a region record of 7-2. The new top 9 should look something like this:
  1. New Haven 9-0
  2. Winston Salem 9-0
  3. Elizabeth City 8-1
  4. West Virginia Wesleyan 9-1
  5. S. Connecticut 7-1
  6. California 8-1
  7. Kutztown 9-1
  8. Slippery Rock 8-2
  9. Shepherd 7-2
With a win against Fairmont State, Shepherd will have its best chance at making the playoffs. Slippery Rock and Kutztown play each other this week. With a loss, Slippery Rock will then drop behind Shepherd in the standings. Shepherd will move up to number 8.

California will play Cheyney. If California loses, they will most likely  fall behind Shepherd, as well. Shepherd will then move up to number 7.

If Southern Connecticut loses, Shepherd will then slip past them in the polls. Shepherd will then crack the top 6 and have a playoff spot.

Concord and West Virginia Wesleyan play. If Concord can hand West Virginia Wesleyan its second straight loss, that may be enough to move Shepherd up to the number 5 spot.

In order for all this to even be a factor, Shepherd has to defeat Fairmont State this weekend. If they win in blow out fashion, that will only help their chances at cracking the top 6.

It all comes down to this. Shepherd has played through 10 grueling weeks and their chance at the playoffs all comes down to one final game. They will play at Fairmont State at noon on Saturday. This is going to be one wild weekend.