Thursday, March 1, 2012

What To Do With LaRon Landry

As free agency approaches the Redskins have one huge decision to make: what to do with safety LaRon Landry.

The Redskins safety is set for free agency when it begins. The Redskins have a few directions to go: franchise tag, new contract, or release.

My answer? Release him.

I know! You all think I'm crazy! Hear me out! Here's my biggest issue with him: he can't seem to stay on the field anymore!!

What good is a player that can't even play?? He's as good as the water boy is! Instead of spending $15 million a year for someone to ride the pine let's just go out and get a really good water boy!!

When Landry first entered the league he played a $15 million a year player. In his first three seasons, he played in all but one game. Through those three seasons, he totaled 250 total tackles. That is great!

In the two seasons since then, he's missed 9 games and has had 133 tackles. What happened??

Injury. LaRon Landry got injured and he has not been the same since then. The Redskins can't be guaranteed that he will give them at least 14-15 games through each year of his contract. Unless he can guarantee me that, I don't want him!

The Redskins have a tough decision. To give him credit, when he's on the field he's a difference maker. The problem, however, is that he can't seem to stay on the field.

My advice to Bruce and Danny Boy: save yourself some cash and move on. LaRon Landry is a health liability now. Turn to free agency and the draft over the next few years to look for his replacement.

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