Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back on Track

This week Shepherd University returned home from a long road trip. The Rams faced the West Liberty Hilltoppers and won 50-24.

While their playoff chances may be all but gone and same with the conference championship, the Rams still played hard. They played a great game and the even had a few key players banged up and unable to play.

I know it's hard to continue to try since the goal at the beginning of the year has been taken away. But, that's what separates this team from the rest. They continued to play hard yesterday and picked up the win.

The Rams can still ruin other teams chances of making the playoffs. Who doesn't love a good spoiler?! Especially if your team is the one doing the spoiling!

This team is still very deadly. They're running game is even better than what everyone expected. Their receivers are lethal week in and week out. The defense is seemingly unbreakable at times. This football is very good. Don't let that record fool you.

There is still a very small chance at the playoffs. If the Rams want to get in, they just have to keep doing what they are doing. They need to continue to play hard and blow teams out week after week. Stick with them, Shepherdstown, they still have a lot of work ahead of them!