Sunday, October 2, 2011

Move On

Okay. Relax. Breath. So what? The Rams lost on Saturday! It's going to be okay.

Who knows? Maybe that is exactly what they needed. The were blowing teams out and probably feeling a little invincible. It is time to just get back to the basics.

They have not been eliminated from the playoffs. They haven't lost a WVIAC conference championship chance yet, either. The season is not made in one game. That's why the team plays 11 games.

Last season the Rams went 10-1 and still made the playoffs. They did quite well, actually. Shepherd went to the NCAA Division 2 semi-finals. Hope is not lost for this squad.

They need to show up on Monday ready to work. West Virginia Wesleyan doesn't care that Shepherd just lost. Shepherd shouldn't focus on the fact that they lost to Concord. Moping about this won't help anything.

A great week of practice should more than likely prepare this team for the fight they are going to get on Saturday. They do have a few guys banged up, but, to me, that just sounds like an excuse.

This team has a TON of talent...and depth. It's time to move on. The undefeated season is gone. That's fine. That's just one less thing to think about. Now it's time to focus on the rest of their games. It's all about going one game at a time. No looking ahead to next week or the week after. It's about who they're playing this week.

Keep your heads up, Shepherdstown. This team isn't done. They've just gotten started. I have a feeling that the best is yet to come.