Sunday, October 30, 2011

Redskins vs Bills: Gamplan Revisted

Fail. That is the grade that Redskins receive after today's 23-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills. They failed to accomplish anything on the gameplan. Lets go back and compare.

"The gameplan for the Redskins offense this weekend is the same that it has been: they MUST run the football."

That did not happen. The Redskins only managed to run for 26 yards against one of the worst run defenses in the country. They only handed the ball off 12 times. That is no where near enough carries to establish a run game. John Beck dropped back to pass 33 times and running backs only took the hand off 12 times. The running game should have been more of a focus today.

"The presence of Marcell Dareus in the middle will be a huge factor in today's game."

Marcell Dareus: 4 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 3 quarterback hits.

"The gameplan for the Redskins defense is to simply attack Ryan Fitzpatrick."

They did not even come close to making Ryan Fitzpatrick uncomfortable today. The Redskins defense only managed 2 sacks. Fitzpatrick was hit 4 times and John Beck was hit 14 times.

"The front seven will also need to contain the fourth best rushing attack in the NFL."

Fred Jackson finished the day with 26 carries for 120 yards. Jackson averaged 4.6 yards a carry. The Bills, as a whole, totaled 138 yards on 33 carries.

There were, believe it or not, some good things that happened today.

The Redskins defense forced the Bills to kick 3 field goals. Even though they gave up points, they gave the offense many attempts to make the score tighter. Five times today the Redskins offense was inside of Bills territory. Here is how those drives ended up: punt, downs, interception, interception, downs. Five times the Redskins could have gotten some sort of points and five times the Redskins failed to do so.

The Redskins drop to 3-4 and the San Francisco 49ers will be visiting FedEx Field this weekend. It could be another long Sunday unless the Redskins can managed to dramatically improve.