Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coaching IS Important

This weekend the Rams lost to the West Virginia Wesleyan College Bobcats in a 45-44 overtime thriller. The way the Rams lost, however, is puzzling.

I know that the players watch film, I hear them talking about it all the time. Do the coaches? It didn't appear so. So I'm going to hold a "mock film study" with them now! Let's start with the offense.

Why did the offensive coordinator (who will remain nameless) not run the ball? The secondary for WVWC was very well prepared. The defensive line, however, was not.

Many times the Rams would line in what would appear to be a running formation and then throw the ball. If you look at the tape, the running lanes are there. Just pick one. Any of them. But they continued to throw the ball.

Many times the Rams would line up and run right into where the defense was lined up. It's forgivable if it happens once. But it happened a lot. Didn't coach learn his lesson the first time? Running plays that hadn't worked all game is what cost them the game.

The play they ran on the last play of the game hadn't been there the whole afternoon. Why did he call that to WIN the game? It just doesn't make sense. The fact that they took points OFF the board still baffles me. The decision to go for it is very respectable, in a way. But, the play called, makes no sense.

That was fun! Let's move to the defense!

To give credit, the defense made adjustments at half time and played much better in the second half.

But, why did the first half have to be so bad? I am not exaggerating when I say that the secondary looked totally shell shocked when the Bobcats number 4 and number 11 were their go to "super stars". I knew after the first drive that they were the go to guys. Did the defensive coordinator (who will remain nameless) know that they were that good?

Okay. Let's move on from the fact that the super stars and focus of the offense were over looked and move onto the fact that no pressure was brought on the quarterback.

It's simple math, really. If you send 3 lineman to try to get through 5 lineman and get to the QB, that doesn't equal a sack. If you send 6 players to get through 5 lineman and get to the QB, that equals a sack! But, the defense play caller kept putting the first equation into his calculator...and it cost them.

The Bobcat quarterback had all day to throw the ball and he burned the Rams time after time. Bring the pain, coach! When the Rams blitzed, they either got a sack or forced a bad pass.

Wow! That was a lot of fun!! Maybe the Ram coaching staff can learn from their mistakes this past week and correct them this coming week.