Thursday, June 7, 2012

Redskins Move Camp

CSN Washington reported, and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell confirmed, that the Washington Redskins are moving training camp to Richmond, Virginia starting in the year 2013.

The breakdown is simple: the Redskins will hold training camp in Richmond, Virginia, and then return to Ashburn during the season for practices.

A renovation will be done to Redskins Park in Ashburn to upgrade those facilities.

I think this is a great move by the Washington Redskins. It takes them back to the good old days of professional football when teams used to leave their home facilities for training camp. Now training camp becomes just that...a camp!

Having training camp held away from family and friends will help build a bond between the players and the coaches. They will be together 24/7. They sleep, eat, and simply exist side-by-side during the months of mid-July and August.

Now-a-days, once practice is over the players just head back to their houses and sit with their wife and/or kids. They never get a chance to bond or connect with their teammates off the practice field.

They will also be more focused on the task at hand: improving the level of play they produce.

Their focus will solely be on football. There will be no talk of "where do we go to eat after practice?" or "whose house are we going to tonight?" That's all decided for them!

While the people in Ashburn, Virginia may be upset because now they can't go and watch practice everyday, I think that this will improve the Redskins tremendously. Their focus will be much better and therefor they will be much more prepared to play on game day.

It's not like they are leaving forever. For 3-4 weeks they will be in Richmond, Virginia preparing for the season. Once those weeks are over, they will back in Ashburn 4-5 days a week on the practice field.

I support this move 100%. The Redskins have had a few clowns get into some trouble during training camp in the past. By moving to a secluded location, the coaches will be able to control the players post-practice as well as keep their attention and focus on the game of football.