Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RG3 Extorted

Do you want to know when you're good? How about when someone tries to extort you? That ought to tell you that you've made it to the big time.

That's exactly what happened to Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. A former basketball star at Griffins Alma-Mater, Baylor, was arrested for allegedly trying to extort Griffin.

According to a report written by Rich Tandler, the way Richard Hurd tried to execute the alleged extortion went something like this.

1) Contact agency in St. Louis and identify yourself only as "B.D."
2) Tell said agency that you have derogatory information on one of that agencies clients.
3) Say that you will release the information unless said client pays you a sum of money.
SIDE INFO: Griffins agent is named Ben Dogra and his agency has an office in St. Louis.
4) Tell the authorities the information...and get busted and sent back to Waco, Texas.

In a way, RGIII could be flattered by this attempt to extort him. It means that people back home have taken notice in his recent explosion of popularity.

I wonder how many other NFL quarterbacks face the same problem...