Friday, June 8, 2012

Will Redskins Go From Worst To First?

On, they had a cute little segment where they ranked teams that finished last in their respective NFC divisions last season and then ranked them on whether or not they can win their respective divisions this coming season.

I know that the thought of that is exciting and all, but, it's not very practical. While, being a Redskins fan, I would enjoy watching them win the NFC East, the rest of the division simply won't let that happen.

Last season, the Redskins swept the season series from the Giants. While that was fun, that won't happen this season.

The dream has finally gotten rid of it's cockiest player, the back-up quarterback, and also had their ego's put in check. Look for them to come back better than ever.

The Cowboys...okay so the Redskins will finish third at the worst.

I'll be honest with you, people, the Redskins have a very slim shot at winning the division this year. While the Giants don't have Mario Manningham anymore and have lost Hakeem Nicks for a while due to injury, I don't see them being as shakey as they were last season.

The Giants have the best shot at repeating their divisonal win this season. With Osi Umenyiora taken care, now he and Jason Pierre-Paul can run wild in opponents backfields. You may scoffe at my praise of Pierre-Paul, but don't forget he recorded 16 tackles during the Redskins 23-10 week 13 victory.

What about the Eagles? Let's not forget one minor detail: they still have Michael Vick. The same Michael Vick that lit up the Redskins defense two-seasons ago during that Monday night ga-...meltdown.

DeSean Jackson is still going to be the same playmaker that he always has been. Remember that guy that defeated the Giants with that last-second punt return for a touchdown? Yeah...he's still there.

They Eagles also have Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rogers-Cromartie to try to stop Robert Griffin III when they meet.

The addition of one guy doesn't turn a team from the worst to the best by any stretch of the imagination. The Washington Redskins still have a ways to go before letting Rex Grossman make a ridiculous prediction and then fall flat on his face.

However, the Redskins are on the right track in the rebuilding process. Instead of signing high-priced, out of shape, past their prime free-agents, they are beginning to rebuild through the draft and by signing younger, more promising players.

The days of the Redskins being a constant threat to win their division are still a few years away. However, their is a reason to stop circling the Redskins as an automatic "W" on your teams calendar.