Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who Should The Wizards Take At Three?

Thomas Robinson, above, would compliment Nene down low. (Photo:
On June 28th the NBA will hold their annual two round draft. The Wizards will have the third selection that night following the New Orleans Hornets and the Charlotte Bobcats. So the big question is...who should the Wizards take with the third pick?

There are three players in particular that I think the Wizards can't go wrong with if they selected them.

Obviously, Anthony Davis is going to go first overall. New Orleans would be insane not to pass up a player with as much upside as him. Following that, however, it gets a little fuzzy.

Some experts think that power forward/center Andre Drummond from the University of Connecticut will go second overall to the Bobcats. Other people think that power forward Thomas Robinson from Kansas will go second overall.

It's simple, really, the Wizards just take whichever one doesn't get picked...right? Wrong!!

In my opinion, the Wizards will  have a choice between two players: one of which will compliment John Wall and one will compliment Nene.

The compliment to Nene would obviously be either Drummond or Robinson. I think that the Bobcats will go with the physical freak that is Andre Drummond. He is a stronger big man that can get very long in the paint.

That would then leave Thomas Robinson. The 6'9" 244 pound junior hails from the Washington D.C. area. He's very strong in the paint and is tough to beat defensively. When you take his wingspan into account, he can stretch out to be 7'1". Robinson can also put the ball on the floor and finishes well at the rim.

The other player that the Wizards would be wise to select would be an excellent compliment to John Wall. Florida shooting guard Bradley Beal is a guy that remind many of Eric Gordon and Marcus Thornton.

Beal is a solid shooter that is great at shooting off a screen. He's got a quick, high release that stays consistent throughout the course of a game. If he needs to, he has no problems with putting the ball on the ground and finishing at the rim.

The Wizards can't go wrong with picking either Robinson, Drummond, or Beal. Either one of them will score points and can compliment another player on the roster. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist from Kentucky could help fill out the small forward position, but I think that the Wizards could do much better by selecting one of the other three.