Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lannan Wants Out

Just one day after the Nationals designated pitcher John Lannan for AAA Syracuse, the disgruntled pitcher informed the franchise via email that he wants out.

On Wednesday, the Nationals made a somewhat shocking move when they made Ross Detwiler the fifth man in the starting rotation and sent Lannan to the minors.

During Spring Training, the Nationals tried to trade Lannan in an attempt to acquire a starting center fielder. GM Mike Rizzo stated that he hoped to get a decent package of prospects for the 27 year old left hander. Rizzo, however, never found a deal that he deemed good enough to make the trade.

A report earlier stated that the Nationals tried some 20 teams when they were shopping Lannan and not one of those teams would offer enough for the often inconsistent Lannan. Today, Nats manager Davey Johnson stated that he still wants Lannan to be part of the organization.

At just 27, Lannan still has a number of years left in him. Last time the Nationals sent him down to the minors he returned to the big league better than before. Maybe this is exactly what he needs.