Friday, April 6, 2012

One-on-One: Tommy Addison

Tommy Addison played running back for Shepherd University in West Virginia. He saw playing time as a freshman and started his junior and senior year.

Throughout his career for the Rams, Addison rushed for 3,597 yards with 41 touchdowns. He averaged 5.8 yards per carry and 91 yards per game.

His junior year was by far his best. He rushed for 1,670 yards and 19 touchdowns on his way to becoming an All-America selection.

Your junior year you were named to the All-American squad, what does that mean to you?
"It means a lot to me. It was the best season I had in college. It showed that I can play with anybody. I can play any time and any place. Since it was also my junior year, it means that I have skills."

What is your favorite memory you have of playing at Shepherd?
"My favorite memory was after the Mercyhurst game. We beat them. After the game we were celebrating and taking pictures in front of their scoreboard. We played as a team and won as a team. It was one of the happiest days of my life."

If a scout were to ask you what your best quality is, what would be your answer?
"My best quality is my explosion. I get through the holes quick and I don't sit back and dance. I can get the tough yards, but, I can break one, too."

What is one thing you do that sets you apart from the rest of the running backs in this years class?
"The thing that sets me apart is my explosiveness. I am very quick and can make a lot of people miss. That can translate to tough yards that keep drives alive. I also believe that I can read blocks well. I can follow my linemen and cut off their blocks."

What is one aspect of your game that you feel you could improve on? What are you doing to improve that?
"My blocking. I am not the biggest person in the world, but, I need to stick my nose in there and get the job done. I have been lifting weights. I squat and bench so I can get my strength up and be a bigger guy."

What have you been doing to prepare for the draft and impress scouts?
"I have been doing a lot. Everywhere I go guys want to see if I can catch the ball. I practice catching the ball with my dad and brother often. They all want to see if I can catch the ball. So I have been working hard to have great hands and be able to catch the ball."

What are you most looking forward to about playing at the next level?
"I am most looking forward to learning new things. Once you go to the next level there are guys that have been their for years and they have a lot of knowledge. I am hoping that they can teach me things and improve my game."

When I spoke to Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN about Addison, he told me that he classifies Addison as a "scat back". He is a quick and shifty player that has great moves in the open field. When watching this player on tape, you can see why. Addison has a great ability to get through the hole. He does not dance in the backfield. He does an excellent job at sticking with his linemen and never breaks away from the play.

Addison needs to show off his ability to catch the ball. We didn't see him do that very much in college and he will need to show that he can do that in order to get to the next level.

At the BSN Combine in Akron, Ohio, Addison posted some pretty impressive numbers. He repped 225 pounds 15 times on the bench press and ran a 4.19 5-10-5 shuttle drill. At a CFL tryout this past week, he was clocked running a 4.38 in the 40 yard dash.