Monday, September 17, 2012

Redskins Draft Profile: Alfred Morris

Morris, center with football, was drafted 173rd overall. (Photo:
Meet Alfred Morris. He's a running back from Florida Atlantic University and the Washington Redskins selected him in the sixth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Morris was a standout running back for FAU. In two separate season for the Owls, he had over five 100+ yard rushing performances. He had 16 100+ yard rushing performances over his four year career. His best game came in the second to last week of his senior season against UAB. He rushed for 198 yards and four touchdowns.

Following his senior season, Morris was named to the Second Team All-Sun Belt Conference squad. For his career, Morris finished with 3,529 yards and 27 touchdowns.

First off, looking back at your career for Florida Atlantic University, what is the fondest memory you have of playing for them?
"I would have to say the connections I made and the relationships that were built. They say you make lifelong friends in college and I definitely can attest to that."

Where were you when you received the call from the Redskins saying they were drafting you?
"I was back home in Pensacola sitting outside patiently waiting for the call while enjoying my family."

What was the moment like when it was announced that the Redskins had drafted you and it became official?
"I didn't actually get to see my name pop up on the screen, but when I received the call with Coach Shanahan on the other end it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder."

How were you received when you first arrived at Redskins Park to be introduced?
"I was received just as everyone else. They treated us all the same and I know as rookies we will have to pay our dues, so I'm curious what's to come."

What are your expectations or goals that you have for yourself this season?
"My main goal right now is to make sure I make the 53 man roster. Without reaching that goal, none of my other goals will even be possible."

How are you going to contribute to and help improve the Redskins offense?
"I will do my best to learn under the vets the ins and outs and do my best to compliment the ground attack with my hybrid style of running."

How do you plan to get involved in the Redskins community?
"I love doing charity and reaching out to others. I've helped with Special Olympics, Autism programs, and habitat for humanity, just to name a few. I will definitely by finding who's in charge of community outreach with the 'skins' and volunteering as soon as I get a chance."

Once you get that first pay check, what is your first big purchase going to be?
"I don't have any big purchase planned. I don't see a need in buying some extravagant toy that I don't need. If anything I would probably donate to a cause of choice."

What excites you the most about becoming a Washington Redskin?
"To me it's like the ultimate fan experience. I was a fan of the Redskins for quite some time and to actually get drafted by them is a dream come true."