Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Helu to Injured Reserve

Once again, I told you so. I said earlier today that you could expect a roster move regarding Roy Helu Jr. Today, the Redskins placed running back Roy Helu Jr. on Injured Reserve. Steve Whyno of the Washington Times has to full report.

Helu Jr. yet to see the field during the regular season. He was kept out of most of preseason due to a sore Achilles tendon. Last season, Helu was slowed by another lower leg injury. Both Helu and the Redskins have said this is the best move for him.

It also opened up a roster spot which has since been filled by running back Ryan Grant. Grant was a starter for the Packers the past few seasons and performed quite well each season. Expect he and Evan Royster, who has also been slowed by an injury, to split reps at the number two back position.

Alfred Morris will still remain the teams top running back. Morris has been sensational this season and is definitely the surprise of the Redskins so far this season. Ryan Grant will come into the game when Morris needs a break or to run screen plays or routes on pass plays.

Roy Helu Jr's time with the Redskins may be coming to an end. He's starting to acquire a history of lower body injuries and is now on IR. He was a great back for the Redskins last season when he was healthy.

The Redskins have seen this situation before with LaRon Landry. I understand that they were two totally different with two totally different styles, but the underlying situation and dilemma is there. With Landry, the problem was that he was never on the field due to injury. The same thing is now happening with Helu. He is a talented player that can't seem to get on the field due to injury.

The solution with Landry? They released him this offseason. I don't expect the Redskins to pull the plug on Helu just yet. He has a ton of potential and can still make a huge difference for the Redskins.

For now, however, teams will get a steady dose of Alfred Morris and Ryan Grant. Both backs are more than capable of running the Redskins zone running scheme.

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Source: Washington Times