Saturday, September 1, 2012

Giolito Has Surgery

Make that three Nationals pitcher to undergo Tommy Johns Surgery. The Nationals top draft pick, Lucas Giolito, underwent the elbow procedure yesterday afternoon.

The same doctor, Dr. Lewis Yocum, preformed the same surgery for Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg. It appears as though the surgery went as planned and everything is fine with the Nationals top 2012 draft pick.

Giolito will likely miss all of the the 2013 season. That's expected. Not everyone can progress like Stephen Strasburg can. The 18-year-old right-hander wasn't supposed to be in the majors by then, anyways.

The Nationals knew that this was going to be a likely event. Giolito has already missed an entire season of baseball in high school career due to an elbow injury. The Nationals did acknowledge that they knew that when they drafted him, but that he was almost an impossible prospect to pass up on.

Giolito will spend the next year recovering and working with the trainers and doctors from the Nationals organization. They have dealt with this procedure twice before (Jordan Zimmermann and Stephen Strasburg) and have come through just fine. Giolito is in good hands and will hopefully recover fully.

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Source: CSN