Friday, August 31, 2012

Rodriguez Has Surgery

Former Nationals closer Henry Rodriguez underwent a procedure today to fix a bone spur in his right pitching elbow. He is not expected to pitch winter ball, but could return in time for spring training.

Rodriguez began the season as the Nationals number one closer. He was able to hit 100MPH consistently on the radar. Through his first nine appearances, Rodriguez didn't give up a single run. In the month of May, however, everything fell apart for him as he had a 7.36 ERA throughout may.

It is not quite certain when Rodriguez was first bothered by the injury. According to Mike Rizzo, Rodriguez first complained of the injury in the month of July. Throughout July, he had an ERA of 7.56.

Injured or not, Rodriguez has a lot to prove to Nationals fans and hopefully the front office if he expects to see the ball field much next season. He showed a lot of promise in the beginning of the season and then, for whatever, fell apart and an 8.14 ERA over his final 26 appearances.

Despite his lack of production, their is major potential there. He can throw 100 MPH whenever he wants to. He's kind of like a real life version of Rick "The Wild Thing" Vaughn from the popular baseball movie series "Major League". He's a hard throwing closer that just needs a little control help.

Hopefully, Rodriguez can find the handle on his pitches next spring. For now, he'll be working with the Nationals training staff and team doctors to begin his road to recovery.

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Source: CSN