Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Giolito to Surgery?

The Washington Nationals top 2012 draft pick, Lucas Giolito, is seeing a specialist today regarding his right elbow.

The 16th overall pick in the MLB draft this past June was shutdown after just two innings in a start in the Gulf Coast League in Viera, Florida because he had "soreness" in his elbow. It was his first professional start.

This is not the first time that the 18-year old right hander has experienced issues with his elbow. He missed part of his senior year of high school due to a sprained ulnar collateral ligament. The Nationals knew that, but were certain that that would not effect him anymore.

Yesterday, he was seen by team doctor Wiemi Douoguih and the Nationals have since sent him to Las Angeles to meet with orthopedist Lewis Yocum.

The Nationals have a history with Yocum and know him quite well. Yocum performed both Tommy Johns surgery for both Jordan Zimmermann and Stephen Strasburg.

While we all hope that it is not that serious, Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo did say that if he needs Tommy Johns, then he's getting Tommy Johns. "Once we get a diagnosis from him, then we'll proceed with whatever we have to do."

Giolito is in good hands. The Nationals have dealt with serious elbow issues before and they have done well for the themselves. They have a good farm system and rehab program and, if Giolito needs Tommy Johns, is in one of the best possible situations for it.

He's only 18. There is no need to stress about him needing the surgery...yet. If he returns from the surgery, and this is only if he has it done, better than ever with no discomfort, great! However, you'd hate to see a talent this young go to waste due to an injury.

At any rate, Giolito is in good hands with the Washington Nationals organization. They are careful with elbow injuries and have a good rehab program.

Besides...it's not like they're NEEDING a starting pitcher right now...

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Source: CSN Washington