Thursday, August 9, 2012

Game Preview: Redskins vs Bills

Oh it's a wonderful thing isn't it?! Redskins football is back! They kick-off their preseason schedule tonight in Buffalo against the Bills. Here are a few things to watch for tonight.

RG3 Debut
I'm just going to knock this out early. It's the debut of star quarterback Robert Griffin III. Here's something I want you to think about: don't talk about how many interceptions he did about how many he did NOT throw. Hear me out.

Griffin could very well come in tonight and stink it up. He could throw three interceptions on three straight throws and the other few times he didn't throw the ball he got sacked. Do I think that will happen? No. But could it? Sure.

So when the dust settles and the RG3 chants quiet down, look at his performance. Did he throw and interceptions? How many incompletions did he throw? Those two stats go hand in hand.

Every time he takes a sack, throws the ball away, or scrambles for a few yards, that's one interception not thrown. So if he does take a sack or throw the ball away (some would call that wasting a down), take it as a good thing. It shows good ball security and maturity not force it in a tight window.

The three-headed monster that nobody has clue what to do with! All three will see significant time with the first teamers tonight and all three will falter and all three will have some good plays. Nobody on the Redskins staff has a hold yet on deciding who will be the top dog following camp. Right now, Helu is listed as the third string running back. Rather than a QB controversy in D.C., there's a running back controversy in D.C.!

The Secondary
We know that the Redskins front seven are going to be just fine. London Fletcher will have those guys ready to go. But what about the back four? Who leads them?

Is it DeAngelo Hall? The proven yet underwhelming veteran? What about Madieu Williams and Brandon Meriweather at safety? Is this the year that Josh Wilson shines and puts himself at the top of the Redskins cornerback list? What about names like Jordan Bernstine, Dejon Gomes, and Kevin Barnes? Will they step up and assert themselves as forces in the secondary?

The whole secondary is a big mess. Tonight could be painful, folks. The Bills could just run right past the Redskins secondary. Hold on tight.

Tonight marks the beginning of a new era for the Redskins. As they usher, or throw, out the Rex Grossman days, we parade in the prototype quarterback of the future in Robert Griffin III. Don't get to caught up in the little mistakes. Preseason football is all about making mistakes and learning from them.

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