Friday, August 3, 2012

Balmer's Gone Missing

Balmer, above 96, has gone missing from training camp. (Photo:
Redskins defensive end Kentwam Balmer has gone missing. He just up and left training camp. Balmer cleaned out his hotel room and left nothing but a Redskins sweatshirt. The Redskins have tried to get in touch with Balmer and his agent, but nobody is responding to the Redskins from the Balmer camp.

Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander told reports that he "decided to leave". This isn't the first time Balmer has gone AWOL. In 2010, he packed up his things in the middle of Niners camp and he was eventually traded to the Seattle Seahawks.

Balmer has been in the NFL for five seasons, but has played in just three of them. Over those three seasons, he has 62 tackles and no quarterback sacks.

To me, Balmer has very little upside. The fact that he decided to just up and leave tells me that his head isn't in the game of football. At least not with the Redskins, that is. The Redskins would do themselves a huge favor by releasing him from the team. The fact that he abandoned his teammates will not sit well in the locker room.

Unless Balmer had a very good reason for leaving, say a family emergency, the Redskins should cut ties with him. He doesn't want to play on this team and will only bring negative vibes into the locker room.

The Redskins pass rush will be fine without Balmer. Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan are fast becoming the most premiere pass rush in the NFL. Loosing Balmer won't hurt that status one bit.

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Source: Rotoworld